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  1. Fastestcobra

    Bird Thunderbird parts

    I don't have time for this project. These parts are all serviceable, the wheels have scale but should blast or wire clean. The forks were cut in the center where the fender goes, fixable. I have the scrub brake and other take off parts, no fenders. No engine, it had a seized motor that wasn't...
  2. Fastestcobra

    Manco, possible year?

    Here's another I was hoping to get a year estimate. Thanks guys. F
  3. Fastestcobra

    Bird Engineer possible year?

    I couldn't find any with the same diamond plate aluminum fenders. This is the second one I've had with those same style. I originally thought they were homemade. I was hoping the fenders could narrow it to a few years or regional market. Thanks guys. F.
  4. Fastestcobra

    Scat Tracker find

    So I go to the landfill and the old guy there was wise enough to put it aside, score! Pretty decent survivor shape. Small seat tear and I replaced some cables. I cant get it to idle yet,but it starts and doesn't smoke. Body great. How can anyone throw this away?
  5. Fastestcobra


    Long time troller, finally decided to join. Im into anything engine. So hey, from the smoky mtns. F