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    Battery powered headlight/tailight recommendations.

    Looking for recommendations for headlight and tailight, battery powered AA or AAA batteries or rechargable. Vintage look a plus but not required
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    Recommendation on Kill switches from Amazon

    So many to pick from, can anyone recommend one or what to avoid?
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    HS50 No spark after new points and condenser? Test coil?

    Re glued steel flywheel magnets and installed new points (OEM) and condensor in hopes of curing no spark issue. How can I test the coil to rule that out?
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    Flywheel magnet spacing on steel flywheel?

    Magnets came unglued which would help explain part of my no spark issue on my HS50 (1975) There is no visible "footprint" as to where they were. Pics I have found show they are spaced apart. How far would that be? Also north and south magnets: at the 12 oclock postion, which magnet is left...
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    NOS Bendix Drum Brake

    Bendix 5" brake assembly. 3/4" center with adapter to reduce to 5/8". Vintage and unused. $75 shipped teamtruett@yahoodotcom
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    Advice on removing old threaded exhaust pipe :(

    This nipple served as an exhaust pipe,(not my install because I would have used anti-seize) as you can see it’s pretty frozen. I have sprayed it with PB Blaster morning and night for the past three days, heated it with a propane torch, tapped on it for endless minutes hoping the penetrating...
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    Tecumseh H30 spark plug part #

    Need to replace plug on 1972 vintage H30. What is the type/# and gap ? Hardware store has good a selection but is vague on specific applications
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    Briggs Model number decode help needed circa 1984

    Found a 1984 Briggs powered fan blower. The Model number is 81232 0225 type 01. I cannot find any info with this number. Can any historians ID this for me?
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    Small gas tank for Briggs 3HP

    Need a smaller tank for my 5HP (1974) Briggs. 3quart tank too big and hits rear fender. Needed a smaller tank from 3 HP
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    Weight of a 3 HP Briggs??? Need to ship

    I am having a 3HP shipped to me. What's the weight of this engine (70's era)
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    Wanted: Small Gas Tank for 3HP Briggs and Stratton

    Need vintage small size tank
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    Caliper Return Spring question Fox

    With the return spring unhooked, the caliper is "relaxed" and the sprocket spins freely. The brake grabs but of course no return action. With the spring hooked, it pulls, putting slight tension on the caliper. The sprocket still spins but not as freely with slight pad contact. If a return...
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    Shorter gas tank needed for 5HP Briggs.

    5 HP 130202 deep tank is too big for frame. It hits rear fender and still needs to slide back to line up frame slots. Are shallower/smaller tanks available?
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    5 HP gas tank too big for frame, is smaller size available?

    Deep tank is too big for frame. It hits rear fender and still needs to slide back to line up frame slots. Are shallower/smaller tanks available?
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    Throttle cable install help needed. 5HP leaf blower B&S

    Took a Craigslist chance on a buying vintage 1974 leaf blower to power my Fox Trail Bug. The leaf blower had a broken front wheel which kept it unused in the original owner's shed for more than a few decades. It needs a muffler, but runs well. My issue is I have no idea how to incorporate a...
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    Fox Trail bug or Doodlebug: Axle mounted brake return spring bracket

    See example below, thanks
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    New chain on jackshaft either too tight or too loose.

    New chain installed is extremely tight. Took a lot of effort to insert master link as it was oh-so-close but not quite lined up. Result is a very tight chain. Tire rotates by hand but is too tight too freely spin. The axle has little back and forth play in the frame slot. In the pic the axle...
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    130202 engine type 0547-0 Crank shaft long enough?

    I am going to travel a bit to purchase little used 1974 leaf blower with a 5 HP 130202 type 0547-0. Does the type number give any indication on the crank shaft length?
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    Fox Trail Bug: What are these welded bolts for?

    These bolts are welded on the seat mount. Any idea what the purpose is? See link
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    How do you ID a lighted B&S

    Looking for a 60'-70's 5HP How can I tell if it will power a headlight and tail light set up?