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  1. miny bike tee

    New azusa 5 inch tri stars

    New azusa tri stars..they are 5 inch they have the heavy duty ball bearings they are new too.. 45.00..shipped
  2. miny bike tee

    Hpe cat muskin 400x seat brackets and kicksand

    Lookin for seat brackets and can be off of duster mx too..and others like that
  3. miny bike tee

    Cat fiberglass clutch cover

    fiberglass clutch cover for a cat..25.00 shipped
  4. miny bike tee

    1969 cat 400x og disc brakes and handle

    I have the disc brakes set up off of my 69 cat 400x I dont use this type of brake on my bike I know someone can use it..its all there ...50.00..shipped
  5. miny bike tee

    1971 cat enduro back fender

    Nice back fender for a enduro..50.00.. shipped
  6. miny bike tee

    Brand new azusa roller

    Brand new roller candy red powder coat..all u need is a nice motor and :scooter:..300 obo
  7. miny bike tee

    Just got me a 69 cat 400x

    Just pick up a 69 cat 400x from my boys at gt's new project
  8. miny bike tee

    wtb cat fenders and switch plate

    look for cat 400x 350ss fenders and switch plate