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    Po' White Trash

  3. Daniel Coop

    Serengeti Badger

    Here's my modified Serengeti Badger. Mild built non Hemi Predator, adjustable handlebars and risers, 4" stretched swingarm and CT70 rear shocks
  4. Daniel Coop

    The Compton-Denver Connection. (Street) mini drag bike

    The plan was to enter this bike in the 2018 Build-Off's new drag bike class, but with a complete move of their entire shop/store to a new location, my roller, which I ordered mid-late December-ish had to be put on hold until just last week. I was promised the first frame of the year from the...
  5. Daniel Coop

    New modified Hemi head for sale

    Hello fellas, up for sale is my modified Hemi Predator head. It has been milled more extreme, .075 for max compression. *Would require use of shorter 5.440 molly pushrods (not included) Pushrod, Chrome Moly, 3/16", GX200, 6.5 Chinese OHV's, GX160, 212 Predators, Each The head was...
  6. Daniel Coop

    RIP Duane Thomas (Detroit Hood TV) 5/27/69--1/11/18

    Had just found out yesterday, that one of the guys directly responsible for me getting into mini bikes had passed away. I was watching his videos on YouTube before I ever had a mini bike. The mini bike racing videos inspired me to then modify my first mini bike (Po' White Trash) before ever...
  7. Daniel Coop

    $10-$15 cheaper billet flywheel alternative for Predators

    Seen these before under the company Raceseng, but kinda forgot about them until researching for a good aftermarket carb upgrade and stumbling back across them on EC Carburetors web site sold under the name Slipstream. $89.95...
  8. Daniel Coop

    Got Boost?

    I as well as a few of you, I'm sure have seen the few YouTube videos of forced induction mini bikes. I've mainly seen a couple of guys build roots type superchargers out of smog pumps from late 70's early 80's cars, but have not seen many functional turbocharged engines. Has anyone here had...
  9. Daniel Coop

    Restored Rupp New Mexico Craigslist. Reasonable(?)price $1200
  10. Daniel Coop

    Rare barn find antique mini bike in Nebraska! Check it out vintage guys!! What is it guys?? Looks OLD!!!
  11. Daniel Coop

    3D Motorsports manual racing clutch?

    I'm looking for any input or experience about 3D Motorsports manual racing clutch? Looks like it might be the ticket for what I am trying to do, but am a little concerned that if you shock load the crank with a 6000 RPM drop at the line, that the engine might not take it too long and snap the...
  12. Daniel Coop

    3 Disc Racing clutches; Suggestions/Recommendations?

    Looking to upgrade racing clutches from a drum style, Noram Premier Stinger, most likely to a 3 disc, 6 spring Bully style clutch, but haven't had any experience with one yet. I've been looking at the Viper clutches Viper 6-Spring 3-Disc Clutch from Mile High Powersports, due to its...
  13. Daniel Coop

    An exciting new competitor to the ever growing 212 market

    BEHOLD... The new Tillotson mechanical fuel injected 212/clone. Available now through Go Power Sports... Tillotson 212cc Engine with TCT, Mechanical Fuel Injection - Not finding much stats on the engine's internals as of yet, but the real excitement might just be the...
  14. Daniel Coop

    Jn amateur's high compression Mod 2 Hemi build

    *Should read "An amateur's high compression Mod 2 Hemi build." I've yet to do an engine build thread, because some of these guys like Ole4, Trinik and a few others, just make me feel stupid. I try reading threads, but often get lost and or bored with all the technical jargon and mathematics. I...
  15. Daniel Coop

    "Po' White Trash" VS newcomer call out/heads up $ street race this Sunday!

    I have remained unchallenged for having likely the fastest mini bike in the Denver Metro area until now... So, I have mentioned that I ride with a group of guys here in Denver from a FB group page called Denver Mini Bikes. I'm not a member of the group page or FB for that matter, but know a few...
  16. Daniel Coop

    New Motovox MBX10 build...

    I hadn't​ been trolling Craigslist for bikes for a while, simply because I have had my hands full, but for one reason or another, I looked and found this Motovox MBX10 for sale for $100. Was a new post, and too cheap to pass on, so I jumped on it. I wasted no time in tearing it apart... The...
  17. Daniel Coop

    Skip tooth sprockets??

    Just curious if anyone is running or has tried a skip tooth sprocket on a mini bike? Supposed to be a low drag option, but wonder if it leads to lost chains... WMS Tuck & Run #35 Split, Skip-Tooth Sprocket | 6435** | BMI Karts and Motorocycle Parts
  18. Daniel Coop

    O.d.b. Yup, another DB30S...

    Picked up this DB, to build for a friend who wanted one last year. It was a BARE roller, with forks that were chopped to shit. The wheelbarrow wheel was literally cut into the forks. Luckily I had a large stash of original and matching DB parts including a fork and front wheel, a seat...
  19. Daniel Coop

    Serengeti Badger project... To build, or save, for 2018 OldMiniBikes Build-Off?(Chinese class)

    Haven't seen a post about one of these in a LONG time, so I thought I'd break it out, start a thread on it and get some NEW ideas... I wanted one since I saw a picture of one, and managed to pick this one up from a friend after some pushing and paying ALL the money for it. I've had it a while...