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    72 Rupp Roadster 2 rear brake cable

    My rear brake cable broke tonight so I need one. PM or post. Thanks
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    Wb 580 v-5

    The intake looks home made. Very nice idea to take two common intakes and put them together. Vintage Kart West Bend Five Port Engine Racing Kart Engine | eBay
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    71-75 Rupp Roadster 2 parts

    I'm looking for the following: 1. Headlight bucket bracket with the flathead bolt and nut. Only need one 2. License tag holder 3. Gas tank 4. Rubber boots for front forks Thanks
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    Bonanza chopper

    Vintage Chopper Mini Bike | eBay
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    NOS Tecumseh H50

    NOS Tecumseh H50-65452N Ser 3252D 1" threaded crank. Missing carb and breather. It is still attached to the plywood board. Looks to be 1973. No fuel has ever been in the tank. Has light rust around the head bolts and scratches. $240 shipped.
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    Bonanza Lawnmower $200

    One just popped up on CL yesterday in town. 1970's Bonanza Pick-Up riding mower I remember there was a thread about them a bit ago. SimpleTom posted up some nice pictures of one and the ad to it. It's doesn't look...
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    Cat in Kansas City $100

    Not bad for $100. mini bike
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    Vintage mini bike What is it?

    Vintage mini bike on ebay. Princeton, Illinois I thought it was a Caper at first but I don't think it is one. Can anyone ID it? Mini Bike Vintage | eBay
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    Pacesetter Trail Buck off CL

    I picked this Trail Buck off CL the other day. Best thing is it was only 6 blockd from my house. It is in rough condition but most of the parts are there to work with. Missing the carburetor, air filter, throttle, and clutch cover. Someone added roll bars and a custom pair of foot pegs. It has...
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    Powell on ebay

    Nice one. Powell Challenger Vintage All Original Minibike Briggs and Stratton 5 HP | eBay
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    Tecumseh Mini Bike Muffler in box

    Very nice Tecumseh Mini Bike muffler in box. Seller also has a couple of Tecumseh items also. Vintage Mini Bike Spark Arrester Kit Stella Pit Bike Rupp Tecumseh | eBay Vintage Tecumseh Advertising Display Stop Clips Lauson Go Cart Mini Bike | eBay Vintage Tecumseh Advertising Display Gas Caps...
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    Murray Bike - Burrillville, RI

    Murray Mini Bike - Nice looking Murray on the upper east coast.
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    Mini bike and motor - Willow Grove

    MINIBIKE MINI BIKE VINTAGE BRONCCO BONANZA RUPP TACO PARTS | eBay $80 Package includes a nice HS50, a XL 8hp, and a roller frame. Willow Grove, PA.
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    Rupp Chopper frame in Wichita, KS

    After seeing the Rupp Chopper thread, I think this is one also. It is just the frame, nothing else. 4wheeler/go karts/minibike They state that they will sell items separately.
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    One escaped from California

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    Vintage scooter? or homemade

    Is this an old vintage scooter frame or homemake? The engine plate is small and off to the side. Mini Bike project
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    AH-47 in St. Louis

    Someone was asking for an AH-47 or AH-57 for parts or whole. Here is one in the middle of the country. 1960'S VINTAGE TECUMSEH GO KART / MINI BIKE ENGINE
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    Bonanza and Vintage briggs weekend find

    I answered a craiglist ad for 'Vintage mini bike'. It listed as a mini bike sold by Sears. It back end looked like a bonanza but the front did not. I found out why when I took a closer look. The foot pegs have been throwing me off on if they are actually stock. I can't find any pictures that...
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    I hope someone picked this up for $50 a few weeks back

    Idaho Falls, ID - Free video classifieds - ad syndication > For Sale > Cars, boats, vehicles & parts | Old Mini Bike, Vintage Scooter (Idaho Falls) $50 Also I think the same person had a garage sale with some NOS parts. - Free video classifieds - ad syndication > For...
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    Two Scat Kat 3-Wheelers close to each other

    Both just popped up close to each other. RARE Scat Tracker 3-Wheeled Mini-Bike !! 1970's !! Scat Kat Mini Bike