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  1. lil indian chopper

    1970 fox trail tramp weds..

    getting almost done with the 70 fox trail tramp..
  2. lil indian chopper

    sears monday

    couple of sears minis.. been a while since I had them out. they need some love and care from sitting.. enjoy..
  3. lil indian chopper

    fox sunday..

    nice day to get out some of my mini bikes.. 70 fox trail tramp. 70 fox campus fx and 69 fox doodlebug..
  4. lil indian chopper

    1970 fox trail tramp

    just got this fox on sat.. here in nj. cold as heck but I got it.. rear fender was cut? by original owner, need to find one. had to replace the pull start also. found one from a buddy. they had a black one on.. white one now is ok but doesn't really match the white on the motor. needs foot peg...
  5. lil indian chopper


    rear fender for a fox trail tramp. all the ones I looked at have been cut?:( campus fx same also.. also need a white working pull start for hs40 tec. doesn't have to be mint just white and working. thanks.. ps foot pegs covers would be a plus? but I see a few nos ones on the bay..
  6. lil indian chopper

    fox campus fx

    just got it last nite from ohio. 100% original down to the valve caps.. barn shed find. sat for over 40 yrs.. has rust from sitting.. tires hold air.. has rear rack. 4 hp tec. now do I just leave it alone or restore? carb is frozen up. motor not locked up. rear brakes move but does not stop...
  7. lil indian chopper

    clutch guard fox

    still looking for one for my 69 doodlebug.. have the round part just missing the rear piece. I think the 70 models are the same. looks like a 2 piece guard.. thanks.
  8. lil indian chopper

    69 70 fox chain guard

    need either whole guard or back piece.. 69 or 70. top$$ thanks white in color.
  9. lil indian chopper

    1969 fox doodlebug chain guard

    on my looks like the back part is missing. 2 piece. not sure if it even came with one? anybody know? pics on the campus fx has the 2 piece guard. mine has only the clutch cover on it.. bolt is still on it.. thanks. 1969 fox doodlebug.
  10. lil indian chopper

    sissy bars

    big shout out to aplyemind and of course KK for the awesome sissy bars. aplyedmind sold me a cat slingshot bar that very much needed for my original cat slingshot and KK for his awesome redo of the eliminator sissy bar. outstanding work. thanks guys..:)
  11. lil indian chopper

    sissy bar wanted..

    cat slingshot sissy bar? try it again...:thumbsup:
  12. lil indian chopper

    toe nail

    removed. not fun...
  13. lil indian chopper

    replacement windows

    one of my replacement windows crack when i got home today.WTH! 3 yrs old andersons.. picture window then 2 small side windows that open. noticed it today when i got home from work. looks like the cold got to it. cracked from inside... low E class..
  14. lil indian chopper

    cat slingshot sissy bar

    looking for one any condition long as its not welded up. long shot but i keep trying..
  15. lil indian chopper

    cat eliminator roller

    1970 cat eliminator roller for sale. frame, handlebars no decal, shocks, seat. some rips but good shape. sissy bar, was welded in one spot but good shape also. tires rims. no brakes. $275.00 local would be nice im in nj. thanks. pm me for pics..
  16. lil indian chopper


    what plans are you guys and gals doing as far as mini bikes? myself getting my cat dominator put back together since i had it painted.. maybe build another one from scratch.... have a few motors nos tav2 to use.
  17. lil indian chopper

    cat slingshot

    still loking for a sissy bar for my cat slingshot. i know thay dont come around offten.. if ever!!:thumbsup:
  18. lil indian chopper

    mini bike show wayne nj_9/15/13_PHOTOS !

    sept 15 2013 sunday. hot dog hut. mini bike show and swap meet. bring your mini bikes and go karts... swap meet and show. rain date sept 22 2013.
  19. lil indian chopper

    cat slingshot

    sissy bar?? let me know..
  20. lil indian chopper


    sisst bar for a cat slingshot... let me know if you have one or know someone who does! top$$ paid.. thanks..