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  1. 68sportcoup

    Found trike

    Saw this the other day out in the yard it's been there since last year Any idea what it is or what to look for and what to offer Thanks Mike
  2. 68sportcoup

    kart id

    just picked this up any idea what it is thanks for looking. and my son is very happy
  3. 68sportcoup

    axle locked

    got this cart given to my son from his uncle. needs clutch. it seems really hard to turn locked rear axle but I think it has a diff. rolls fine until you turn the wheel. I think he may of had something welded in the rear axle is this a diff and if so can it be rebuilt.
  4. 68sportcoup

    its that time again

    anyone ever do pinewood derby heres a pic of last years cars my sons car on the left and mine on the right. its time to start building new cars for this years race. maybe i could do a mini bike car!
  5. 68sportcoup

    what is it

    here i am allmost 40 years ago what did i have. i know the pic isnt that good i do remember it had a scrub brake and it was yellow any ideas. thanks guys.
  6. 68sportcoup

    powerwasher motor

    are the engines from powerwashers any good do they have the corect shaft. i just missed a 5.5 honda for 50$ and then found a honda 6.5 but it is still on the pressure washer the guy wants 150 but said if i finish taking it apart i can have it for 100$ so i will offer him 50$ and go from there...
  7. 68sportcoup

    what is this thing

    what is it . and is it any good. thanks for looking. [url=''][img]
  8. 68sportcoup

    will a jackshaft fit

    i got this briggs for the trail horse. does it look like i have room for the jack shaft. i'm getting ready to order one.
  9. 68sportcoup

    rear axle trail horse

    when i picked this mini up the axle was very loose and it was not very easy to tighten all the way i pulled the axle out to see how the bracket for the brakes fit. is there supposed to be any more shims then what i have. also the wheel was centered but if i install the brake bracket will...
  10. 68sportcoup

    new member with a new to me briggs

    I picked up this motor today 40 bucks with a 11 tooth 35 clutch on it. it starts right up idles and revs right up as well. what im not sure is how to hook up the throttle cable and something with the linkage looks wrong i dont know if it is the govener or what but it has this very thin wire...
  11. 68sportcoup

    brigs or not

    I found this engine on cl and got it today for 40 bucks it has an 11 tooth 35 sprocket on the clutch it starts right up and idles and revs up pretty good something looks wrong with the linkage on the carb the guy said it was a 4hp but hes not sure hes had it a long time i couldnt find any...
  12. 68sportcoup

    what next

    i just got this bike from a freind. my son couldn't wait to put it together. but i'm not sure how it all goes. either the rear wheel is on backwards or it should have a jack shaft. and i don't know what to do with the brakes. it also needs an engine i have a line on a 4hp with a clutch but...
  13. 68sportcoup

    new here with what i think is a trail horse

    just got this the other day from a freind he got it when he helped someone he knew move tunrs out it was my cousin small world isn't it. well here it is. i think it might be a trail horse from looking at pics on hear now where to find out what model and how to get it the rest...
  14. 68sportcoup

    new here from NH

    hey all i just found the site looks to have alot of good info and people. Trying to figure out what i got a freind of mine just gave me a mini bike trying to get it going for my 8 year old son it has no engine. I think it's a trail horse but not sure i'll have to put up some pics.