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  1. Sixpac440

    Dorothy, Heald VT-7 (anything goes) project ...

    I put the tire on a few years back .. in the big picture the knobby tires are better.
  2. Sixpac440

    Where to buy a #40, 48T, 1.625 Bore Blank Sprocket?

    Looking for a blank rear sprocket, #40, 48T (or a little less) with a 1-5/8" (1.625") Bore. I see some I can fab to work but I would prefer something I just need to drill the mounting holes in and call it a day. Thanks Kevin
  3. Sixpac440

    MB165 new seat too narrow ...

    I have a MB165 Baja Warrior ... metal fenders and metal fake tank. Just got a new seat and its too narrow. It wont go down to the frame, it sits on the frame and lower lip of the seat on the seats edges. What am I missing...
  4. Sixpac440

    Where to buy a MBX11 Gas Cap?

    odd you should mention that ... the original motovox motor tossed its flywheel magnet and broke the magneto mounts and has to be replaced. The Lifan 3.0 was the motor to take its place only problem was the gas cap was positioned under the seat so I swapped it out with the motovox tank that has...
  5. Sixpac440

    Where to buy a MBX11 Gas Cap?

    MBX11, stock 79cc gas tank. 40mm is too small ... 43mm is to large ... who if anyone sells the correct fitting cap?
  6. Sixpac440

    Dorothy, Heald VT-7 (anything goes) project ...

    4 Years and 2-1/2 months later here is an update on Dorothy! We started moving about 3-1/2 years ago. We are out in the country 3 miles from any paved roads. It was time to revisit Dorothy. In that time I have come to appreciate the Predator motor so the Tec got swapped out with a 212, air...
  7. Sixpac440

    OldMiniBikes Wearhouse shipping ..

    8 or so years ago when I was buying parts from OldMiniBikes they would literally toss them in a oversized box loose and if something was missing they would reship. Took about a week to get to me in Michigan from PA. Fast forward to the last couple years .. the packaging is off the hook, well wrapped...
  8. Sixpac440

    Gonna buy a welder ... Tig or Mig?

    I'm a die Maker, I can Tig. I have no Mig experience. I'm just going to be goofing around at home .. is there any reason I would want to go Mig instead of Tig?
  9. Sixpac440

    Intek compression release issue solved!

    I assumed I had bought a bad battery last year so I went with a new one from a reputable store. If that hadn’t worked I would have posted this up asking for help. I also posted this up on my FB page .. a friend who owns a small engine repair shop said to always check the lash and if it’s good...
  10. Sixpac440

    Intek compression release issue solved!

    I bought a used Craftsman 46" cut with a Intek 21 hp single cylinder early last year. From the beginning it was very hard starting, thought it was the battery .. bought a new one and it helped a little. I would turn the key and if the battery wasn't FULLY charged it would stop against the...
  11. Sixpac440

    Any Current 420cc Predator Coupons? 9-20-18

    My Brother wants a new 420cc Predator but he wants to save some money ... are there any current coupons available? I've looked but cant find any.
  12. Sixpac440

    Answering questions here VS Facebook ...

    Here: its almost a race to see who can provide the correct answer the fastest. Facebook: a bunch of answers come in and the poster chooses which they like best weather its right or not.
  13. Sixpac440

    I bought a 90% Complete Chinese Chopper, Um, NO! (4 min Video) ...

    Sorry about your bad luck Skipp. I've always found OldMiniBikes to be the last bastion of sanity in the mini bike world. Check Mini Bike Nation and you will know what I mean. I was entertained with the seller talking 90% complete while were looking at it ... I could clearly see it was junk ... I just...
  14. Sixpac440

    I bought a 90% Complete Chinese Chopper, Um, NO! (4 min Video) ...
  15. Sixpac440

    First post here!

    Hilltoppers, gotta love them! I have done considerable work to both mine while keeping them dependable, safe to ride on the street and keeping the original look. If you need your seat done correctly manchester1 is the resident go-to member and very likely one of the worlds best who reproduce...
  16. Sixpac440

    Heathkit Hilltopper trailbike brake drum.....HELP!!

    I agree with piglet, the piece you found will work. However I would keep an eye on it and the band for excessive wear in case its soft and wears quickly or it tears up the band. How much you ride it will also be a determining factor. I also have 2 Hilltoppers. They are street legal and...
  17. Sixpac440

    Heathkit Hilltopper trailbike brake drum.....HELP!!

    2 years ago I needed the Band and Drum .. Allied Leisure had the band but I couldn't find the drum. I just looked today using the part # you provided ... I still couldn't find it. I tried several search term combinations (85000 brake drum 2-1/2") ETC. My saving grace 2 years ago was a...
  18. Sixpac440

    The "Mini Bike" World is full of STUPID people. RANT!!

    FOMOGO while I somewhat agree with your assessment of todays educated youth I think this is a little different. The kids/adults on FB want to learn so they ask a question. While you may chime in with the correct answer it is soon buried in a sea of noise. In school you are forced to learn...
  19. Sixpac440

    The "Mini Bike" World is full of STUPID people. RANT!!

    I didnt want to single any one site out but you did so I will back you up. Mini Bike Nation seems to have a level of perpetuating stupidity that no other site comes close to.