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    What is It?

    I found this Go Kart on marketplace today it looked like a Rupp but after getting it home I am not totally sure . Hope you guys can help me figure out what I have. Thanks in advance.
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    Alsport Trike with a JLO Rockwell engine

    I have a Alsport trike for sale with a JLO Rockwell 2stroke engine that spins over freely has good compression and had good spark the last time I checked it. It also has the heavier steel diff. and larger axles with brakes on each side of the diff. and one on the jackshaft. If interested I am...
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    Need a Sportstyl wheel

    I recently found a Sportstly Kamp Kat , unfortunately someone has replaced the rear wheel . If anyone has a 6" Sportstyl wheel that they would be willing to part with I would be very interested in purchasing it . Thanks
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    What model and year is this Sportstyl

    I picked this Sportstyl mini bike up this week and I haven't been able to find one exactly like on the internet, I am sure someone on here knows all about it. So I would like to know the model and whats year it might be.
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    Scat Tracker

    A guy I was talking to at an automotive swap meet told me about this trike he had behind the garage ,he told me to take a look at it and if I liked it to get it. the heck out of there . So I did what any of you would have done. I brought it home and took a few pictures to share with OldMiniBikes.
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    Wanted 5.70/5.00 X 8 Tire

    I need a 5.70/5.00x8 Lawn and Garden tire for the front of my Pacesetter Trail Buck , its a Goodyear tire but I would take whatever I could get .
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    A few questions about an Alsport

    I picked this trike up Saturday and have a few questions about it. 1.Did it come with the JLO Rockwell engine and torque converter set-up originally. 2. Why is it equipped with 3 band brakes ,one on each side of the diff and one on the jackshaft opposite the driven pulley . 3.What model...
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    Tri- Rod project

    I would have had no idea what kind of trike this was if it wasn't for this website. Its in pretty good shape considering its age ,and I'm really looking forward to restoring it.It had a a 5hp B&S on it when I went to look at it, does anyone know if that is about size engine for this trike.
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    Hope someone can tell who made this and maybe the year.Thanks

    I found this on craigslist a couple of months ago, fixed a few things on it to make it safe and ridable. As you can see from the pictures the torque converter cover says (Terra Torque) but no other tags or nameplates on it. It has a comet TC-88 torque converter with a 3inch band brake. Its a...
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    Model and Year of this rupp mini-bike

    I bought this mini-bike at an auction a few years ago , and finally getting around to start working on it . I would like to know what model and year this rupp is. Also it looks like the original color is purple.