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  1. AJaxMini

    Limtco Brake drum assembly for a Stellar

    I'm in need of a Limtco brake drum plate or assembly to complete the wheels for my Stellar Black Beauty. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Cash or trade (if I have something you need). Please PM if you have something. Thank you. A.J.
  2. AJaxMini

    1st LiL Indian flat guard

    My brother and I made up a couple of these guards recently. I've been needing different LiL Indian guards for my projects and have been working out how to make them. This guard takes some extra welding around the front edge so there is a little blow through to the back side but not a lot and...
  3. AJaxMini

    Sears Roper clutch guard

    My brother and I made a couple of these for a project so I thought I'd offer up in case somebody is missing theirs. It's a very close replica of the earlier small style Sears Roper clutch guard as seen on my bike in the included picture (for reference). They are raw steel so you can do whatever...
  4. AJaxMini

    Sears Roper clutch guard

    This was for a project my brother and I were working on but I'm not going to use. It's a very close replica of the earlier small style Sears Roper clutch guard as seen on my bike in the included picture (for reference). I'm leaving it raw so you can do whatever you like with it. The price is $75...
  5. AJaxMini

    6" Go Power wheel half or whole

    I need a single half 6" Go Power wheel or will take a whole one if necessary. I'm trying to complete a resto bike and I'm down to this. Anyone have a half sitting around they don't need? Thanks, AJ
  6. AJaxMini

    MTD tank

    I rounded up another MTD tank and have no use for it. It doesn't look like it's in bad shape although there is some paint and numbers that need cleaned off of it. It does have the original two mounting nuts & bolts as well. As found $55 plus shipping to your door. Thanks, AJ
  7. AJaxMini

    CAT Duster chopper frame and forks

    Well, I've had this for a little while with intentions of doing it over but just to many projects and not enough getting done. The forks are about as straight as you could want. The frame has had a custom sissy bar welded on and a custom seat and sissy bar pad made for it. So that's what is...
  8. AJaxMini

    My 2nd MTD parts list and a set of Cherry waffle style grips/throttle

    I’ve begun to break down the MTD rider I have. The following are the offerings from it to which will go to helping save some others. A note on the chrome parts is that they were painted silver and I can’t tell if it was from the factory or not. If it wasn’t then a previous owner must have taken...
  9. AJaxMini

    1972 Rupp Scrambler

    Well, I never really intended to get into Rupps but when an opportunity knocks, I usually answer the door. Several weeks back a lot of two Rupps came up on my local CL. The first is a semi complete 1972 Rupp Scrambler and the other is a 1972 Rupp Roadster 2. My plan was to take the Scrambler...
  10. AJaxMini

    MTD Parts

    I had bought an MTD roller to use as a donor to freshen a survivor up that I have but decided not to. Hopefully there are some guys that can use some parts to freshen theirs up or complete them if needed. I did not want to clean anything as everyone has different means and ideas of what they do...
  11. AJaxMini

    A Powell, the newest addition to my mini bike family.

    Ok, so this may be easier for me than trying to contact various people about this bike. Before last Thursday I had no idea that I'd ever have a Powell mini bike nor did I care. Well, as usual, once it was in front of me it grew on me quickly. So this one is a fairly solid roller but with some...
  12. AJaxMini

    In need of Powell parts

    I'm looking for the brake half of a rear wheel and the brake assembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. AJaxMini

    One more person looking for a few CAT parts.

    I don't need a lot but I do need the parts that everyone is looking for. I'm only trying to complete my Slingshot and nothing else. I'm in need of a pair of fenders and the clutch cover and my bike is complete. I have cash if that's what you are into, I have CAT Endura stuff to trade, or...
  14. AJaxMini

    4.00X10 tire

    I'm looking for a rider quality tire that would be used on a Honda CT70. Any help in getting one would be greatly appreciated.
  15. AJaxMini

    LiL Indian parts needed

    I'm looking for some very difficult LiL Indian parts and figured I'd try this route again even though it almost never works. The parts I'm looking for are as follows: The last clutch guard that they used which is the really nice one with the embossed center. 4" General tires 2-speed...
  16. AJaxMini

    Here is one for Boatguy...LiL Indian

    I finally found one local to me which almost never happens. This appears to be a Thunderbolt as near as I can tell but I'd guess it's later than '71 due to the seat design. I haven't had a chance to look for the serial number yet but it'll be the first thing I do as soon as I have time to put on...
  17. AJaxMini

    Found this in an old magazine last night

    I know some of you guys are into the Skat Kittys so I just wanted to post this up. I was going through some old magazines last night looking for automobile ads when I came across this sort of wish list article. It was Esquire from December 1965.
  18. AJaxMini

    I need dimensions for an original Bonanza BC1000 seat

    I'm looking for anyone that has an original Bonanza BC1000 seat that can show me pics and get me dimensions and details for the seat in the ad below. I'm not sure if they actually used this seat as I've not seen one personally and after digging through the photos here still haven't seen one...
  19. AJaxMini

    CAT tank

    I'm looking for a CAT tank. I'd also like to know what sprocket was used for the internal expanding brakes used on some of the CATs. I'm trying to locate the pieces that are somewhat obtainable before I start my restoration. Thanks to a member here at the forum for pointing me in the right...
  20. AJaxMini

    Duster Chopper

    Well, I can't find any solid information on this bike other than Markus' white one and one catalog page which shows a different color yet. My brother and I rounded this one up last week at the Carlisle swap meet. I couldn't resist leaving it there as it was one of the most complete and original...