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  1. minibikes4life

    to much torque converter.

    what do you guys think of this, ive seen people mount there torque converters at extreme angles due to clearance issues, etc. is it ok to run it at this angle, is it to much stress on the side cover? engine is a briggs animal, on an el tigre.
  2. minibikes4life

    VT7 Super Bronc

    Hey y'all, just got the initial mock up of my super bronc underway, figured i would post a picture of what it looks like. Still needs a few odds and ends, but, ill update this as i get further along.
  3. minibikes4life

    doodlebug kill switch.

    i recently got a doodlebug kills witch to use for my briggs animal, my animal has a push button on it to kill the motor as of now. obviously the one end on the kill switch is the ground, but i was wondering what the other end would have been for on the doodlebug, did it plug into something or...
  4. minibikes4life

    stiffer springs.

    i realize this is like a needle in a hay stack, but... ive just received a metal HS50 cam for my 5.5hp tecumseh power sport, that i have removed the governor, and plan on getting a billet rod, and adjustable HS50 carb (or something better, not sure) does anyone know at all of any stiffer...
  5. minibikes4life

    8hp briggs flathead

    recently acquired an 8hp briggs flathead (1" shaft), model# 190432. looking into hopping it up a little, nothing crazy, but wana make it as solid as possible. so im thinking carb swap using the existing manifold, and modifying it by cutting off the angle drop and rubber mounting a carb to...
  6. minibikes4life

    non rubber brake band.

    Anyone know where i can get a brake band without it being rubber, setting up a dual brake and need a non rubber one for the clutch brake. Thanks.
  7. minibikes4life

    reo model f help.

    having trouble getting the bowl to come off the carburetor, i assume its just gummed up around the bowl itself, any recommendations?
  8. minibikes4life

    14cc head swap difficulties.

    i put a 14cc gx160 head on my blue clone, it ran good for a little bit, but within a day or so after it started to not work to well. it would start and still go but wouldn't top out nearly as fast as it did the day before, and on the following day the motor would hardly start and if it did...
  9. minibikes4life

    did superbroncs have scrub brakes?

    as far as i can tell from my research, no super bronc came with a factory scrub brake. if i am wrong please correct me, because if the scrub brake is not original on my bronc i plan on removing it and using it for another project, as i would like to keep it original.
  10. minibikes4life

    what model superbronc do i have.

    quite puzzled as to what model this is, hoping for some insight.[photopost/data/957/VT7_super_bronc_2.jpg]
  11. minibikes4life

    H35 problem.

    im rebuilding an H35, and i just put the side cover back on. i was checking to see if the engine would spin freely, you can spin the flywheel only a little bit until the motor locks up. what could this be?
  12. minibikes4life

    carb issues.

    i have a genuine honda gx160 carb that im using on a HF 6.5 clone, reason for that is because the carb that was on that clone before would not stop leaking for nothing, so i used the 160 carb hoping it would work better. now the clone wont start, any ideas?
  13. minibikes4life

    H35 spring installation help.

    I lack a proper spring compressor, and was wondering if anyone had any tricks or ideas on how i could install my springs without one?
  14. minibikes4life

    6hp power sport cam swap

    i believe some time ago i read about someone using either an hs50 or h50 cam in a power sport because they replace the plastic one with a metal one, gaining the opportunity to run stiffer springs. does anyone know if its the hs50 cam or the h50 cam?
  15. minibikes4life

    broken piston ring question.

    weird question guys, but, i built a briggs intek 6.5hp, and ive ran it a little bit, and it just wasn't running quite right, seemed a bit sluggish, so, i started looking for problems and couldnt find anything obvious, so i ended up dissasembling it, and turns out one of my rings broke, not quite...
  16. minibikes4life

    fell off today.

    yep, took out one of my customers bike after working on it, i had just done an oil change and wanted to run the bike with fresh oil, i got onto an empty street and went a little faster, i had used safety wire to hold the choke in place, a section of it got caught in the return spring and held...
  17. minibikes4life

    intek exhaust bolts.

    anyone know what thread intek exhaust bolts are?
  18. minibikes4life

    idling issue

    Hello, Ive been having some trouble with a 6.5 clone I built, it seems to rev on its own even at choke and wants to take off when i un-choke it , here are the mods ive done: removed governor #90 jet header air filter I am using an after market linkage kit for my throttle, here's the...
  19. minibikes4life

    throttle linkage.

    would this throttle linkage kit work for a minibike throttle for my briggs flathead carb? Briggs Go Kart Racing Throttle Linkage Kit
  20. minibikes4life

    el tigre shock replacement.

    does anyone know if these shocks will work for an el tigre? Shocks BMI Karts and Supplies - Home the part number for the shock is 300800.