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  1. AJaxMini

    Interesting Early Bonanza BC1200/1300?

    It looks like the paint under the blue appears to be green. I'm not sure if that helps at all but it was just an observation. It'd be nice if somebody could give some more info on the serial numbers. That one looks like 3256.
  2. AJaxMini

    The suspended Trail Horse I always wanted!

    WTF is he talking about?
  3. AJaxMini

    canuk's - "lil Geronimo" - (Vintage Class)

    You definitely knocked it out of the park! It looks great!
  4. AJaxMini

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    That is very cool and a bike to be very proud of Pete! I'm glad I could help you out with it. I really hope you have it at Windber as I'd really love to see it in person. So very cool! Thank you for letting me help out on it.
  5. AJaxMini

    1969 all original ruttman

    Because when guys are looking for restoration info it wouldn't be there anymore. I've used these ads a lot to look at original complete bikes to figure out various aspects. What peeves me is when you click on one and the pictures are gone.
  6. AJaxMini

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    Absolutely awesome work Pete! It's very inspirational. I'll have to keep the plate slots in mind when I get to those bikes in my collection. Thank you for putting together such a great build guide for the Mini Magic! The bike is so nice!
  7. AJaxMini

    "tweak the Teke" and other vintage hop up articles

    That was very awesome of you to take the time and post all this up Markus! Thank you very much!
  8. AJaxMini

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    I like the look of Tecumseh engines a little more than Briggs but both are pretty cool when they are on mini bikes, LOL! Markus makes great LiL Indian kickstands. I'm glad you got with him on one, I just couldn't find anything extra. The bike looks outstanding, I'm really looking forward to...
  9. AJaxMini

    Limtco Brake drum assembly for a Stellar

    I'm in need of a Limtco brake drum plate or assembly to complete the wheels for my Stellar Black Beauty. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Cash or trade (if I have something you need). Please PM if you have something. Thank you. A.J.
  10. Motor mount plate-5hp LiL Indian

    Motor mount plate-5hp LiL Indian

  11. AJaxMini


    Not so mini bike
  12. AJaxMini

    Wanted : copy of tweaking the tek parts 1 & 2 from minibike guide magazine circa 1971

    Common people, who has that first installment! Help the gang out here. We all want to see these articles.
  13. AJaxMini

    Minibikin's - Loco Taco Supreme - (Just for fun class)

    That's awesome Chad, I didn't realize you still had this bike. It'll be cool to see you breath new life into it!
  14. AJaxMini

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    Gosh Pete! That setup is looking awesome!
  15. AJaxMini

    Taco 100 yellow jacket

    Thanks Markus for bringing this to my attention. I'm not sure why it didn't show up in my Google search but it's cool to see another Yellow Jacket build. Although I was more interested in the Tec, this is pretty cool also. More to think about!
  16. AJaxMini

    Wanted : copy of tweaking the tek parts 1 & 2 from minibike guide magazine circa 1971

    Quick Google search yielded nothing about the "Yellow Jacket" engine. I'd love to see more about those. Thanks for posting up this article, it was very interesting but probably old hat for most of the experienced engine builders.
  17. AJaxMini

    UPDATE on Docdc

    Thank you so much for keeping everyone posted on Doc's progress. If you can remember to do so, please tell him that A.J. and Jen are thinking about him and looking forward to spending some time with him again this year at Windber.
  18. AJaxMini

    Powell Bro Serial Numbers List

    I was pretty sure it was a Phantom Karl. There was some of the original blue paint showing on the bottom of the motor plate. The MO definitely put it in the right time frame as a Phantom but I don't think anyone ever really got the info on the MO bikes. There have only been a few show up in the...
  19. AJaxMini

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    It's not as bad as one might think Pete. You might end up with legs like a cowboy when you are done riding but they are fun. You have keep your knees outward when you ride. No tucking under the bars for these bikes. :laugh:
  20. AJaxMini

    George Barris pic with his minis

    That is really cool Brian! It'd be super cool to see that brochure that housed all 6 bikes in the line!