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    Troy Ruttnam

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    66/67? Ruttman Washer

    Heres another one I'm working on I think they might call it a GT150 or GT250? How can I tell? Ser#2638 narrow forks the 5" wheels in the pic I think were born with the bike.this still had the original Ruttman bolts & loc nuts on the wheels and fork I sure would like to see a pic of the seat this...
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    Ruttman long frame spyder

    Going to powder coat shop
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    Bonanza cr500 parts

    I am trying to find a few Dave Miller repro parts for this project Seat forks sissy bar Please let me know Thanks
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    Bonanza cr500

    I could use some help with this one Dave Miller was reproducing these forks for less than it would cost to straighten and have rechromed But he has since passed. I'm looking for forks sissy bar and seat for this,If anyone knows where I could get one please let me know Thanks
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    Ruttman Grasshopper

    Ok Here we go again
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    Simplex Compact Sportsman

    I just finished this one...
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    wanted 530-450x6 general jumbo jr

    i'm trying to find a 530-450x6 general jumbo jr studded tire for my simplex project... if you might have one in decent shape i sure could use it please pm me with pic's
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    "lil" indian seat stencil

    I'm trying to find a couple "lil" indian seat stencils for a project i'm working on,if anyone has any please let me know joem
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    lil'indian outlaw 2

    I just picked this up from a fella in Taylor Michigan He said he had put it together for his son about 20 years ago but he never got interested and it just sat. He did a great job building it 6 hp Tecumseh ohv with a comet converter that runs flawlessly. After a few minor adjustments. it...
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    1969 Lil''Indian Outlaw chopper

    This is my 1969 Lil"Indian Outlaw...very rare...It took about 3 months to paint and build it,and 3 years to find the parts to to it with.It is as close to original as i could get it.Its painted in hok candy grape...just trying to preserve a little Detroit history.I hope to guys like it...
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    ruttman washer

    Some one has a really nice ruttman washer for sale on ebay right now... Im sorry but i don't know how to post the link here If your looking for one of these check it out,not bad price either. OOPS was it okay to do this???
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    Goodyear tire needed

    Im am trying to locate a nos or a really nice used Goodyear tire for my project it should say studded lawn service 530/450-6 tube or tubless type would be okay...please let me konw if you may have one laying must be a Goodyear tire.
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    ili'indian 2 speed

    trying to find a lil'indian 2 speed or the jackshaft assy for my outlaw chopper i think it may be the same as the model 600 used?? see the picture... also if you think you may have a seat laying around that looks like the one in the picture i would sure like to know about it..
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    Lil'Indian outlaw chopper

    This is my newest project!! Im more in gathering mode at this point. it's a lil'indian outlaw chopper I belive this is the first of three versions of an outlaw chopper,nos never built,and it's really cool. I got it from a fella down south..Im gonna need some help,anyone is welcome to chime in...
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    lil'indian lll

    I finally finished it,I think powder blue with a little gold pearl in the clear coat for the wild factor... nice little vintage h30 completly rebuilt,head decked-cyliner honed .020 over nos. piston rings and rod,stuffs getting a little hard to find... valves refaced-seats has so...
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    this is a nice frijole series 1 frame i got on evillbay a few months ago...from a guy in calif.rumor has it that it could be a copy(see my other posts)but i find most steens/taco mini bikes to be under some sort of scrutiny anyway... i have put up lots of photos,you decide rather you like it or...
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    another lil'indian...

    working on another lil'indian project. 4" mags h30 Tecumseh.Im thinking something red...
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    lil'indian frame and fork set,later model.has larger fork stem bushings included. i think it's a 4" wheel model,nice and straight with a few's missing the front fender bracket and has holes drilled in the fork tubes.also missing the caliper bracket couple small holes in engine plate...
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    bonanza clutch guard

    i have a very nice fiberglass reproduction bonanza chain/clutch guard for sale... $45.00 shipped thanks joe