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  1. Bikerscum

    Get ready for things to start disappearing Existing pics on forums that are hosted on Photobucket will disappear, replaced with a box asking the user to upgrade their PB account to allow third party hosting. Good news is it's only $400/year.
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    Interesting auction coming up in KC

    A couple of rare looking minis, 3 or 4 Hodakas, Mini-Trails, etc. And if you're into old motorcycles this is the jackpot. No reserve, camping on site.... sux that I'm in CA. J Wood and Company Adobe Web Gallery
  3. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian 2 speed frame

    Lil Indian Mini Bike | eBay Frame looks saveable, that 2 speed setup is, well.... "unique" :)
  4. Bikerscum

    Riding mower, governor surging

    Anyone know anything about small engines here? :) This mower sat for 5+ years. New battery, fresh gas, carb kit from OldMiniBikes, new plug. Starts but will only run at 3/4 choke or if I hold my hand over the carb throat, blocking most of the air. BUT.... it runs ok if I manually open/close the...
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    Lithium Ion battery jump starters.... $9 at Walmart

    Everstart LI battery jump starters/power supplies. Everstart Multi-Function Jump Starter & Battery Charger - Think they were like 50 bux. Then 35, then 19, now $9. I bought 11 of them for friends & family. Already used one to jump a dead riding mower.... fired right up. You...
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    The Alpha minibike... a little piece of minibike history

    I bought this a while back out of curiosity, & to preserve it I guess. Now I'm neck deep in minibike sh*t & have to clear some space in the garage for a Harley project. Alpha minibike, number 1 of 1. The lady selling it said it was built by her brother back in the 70's. He was a machinist & had...
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    15 year old girl... Comfortably Numb

    Tina S....
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    Lil Indian with chainguard

    Lil Indian :sad:
  9. Bikerscum

    New toy

    Ladies and gentlemen, the 2015 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low I deserved it :laugh: Now for a week of rain before I can get it out of the garage :censure:
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    Stringy private messages

    Any one e l s e g e t t i n g P M s t h...
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    Build off wheel special 6" tri star and 10" Azusa

    (I think) Azusa 10" and (I think) tri star 6" X 4" wide. Some scratches, but no dents, gouges, etc. Both come with good bearings. $35 +actual shipping from Ca..... probably $10-$20 depending on where you live. Perfect for a build-off chopper :thumbsup:
  12. Bikerscum

    NOS General 5.30/4.50-6 tires

    Nice wide 6 inchers. New, but have some waxy preservative that needs washed off. 5 available. 1 for $50 +$16 shipping, 2 for $85 +$25 shipping.
  13. Bikerscum

    NOS General 4.80/4.00-8 tire & tube

    Another big boy. New, but has some waxy preservative coating that needs washed off. Comes with tube. $60 +$23 shipping 48 states.
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    From the front page of the OldMiniBikes Small Engine Forum

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    Easy credit

    I got out my pressure washer the other day only to find out it bit the dust after only 15 years. POS. lol So I did my research & settled on one by B&S that had a feature no others had... 5gpm 400psi spray setting. I want that for hosing off my solar panels.... it shoots a 30'+ low pressure...
  16. Bikerscum

    NOS "Tecumseh Deluxe Spark Arrester Muffler for Minibike Engines"

    The real deal, brand new. I bought it for a project that never left the ground, time for it to go to a new home. Includes the original instructions, unused gasket, everything. Pretty much impossible to find in this condition. The plating on the muffler & brackets is great, the plating on the...
  17. Bikerscum

    NOS General 5.70-5.00 X 8 ribbed tires

    Just as the title says... brand new old stock tires, 4 available. These are big boys. Maybe used on Tote Gotes, Pak Jak, etc.? Asking $60 each + $30 each shipping, $50 each + $30 shipping for 2 or more. Sorry but they are big and heavy (The last pic shows one next to a 6" General). If it's any...
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    Fresh sausage
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    The "what is it" hall of fame

    our heros
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    Old torque converter, is there some way to adjust....

    the engagement point? As soon as the engine fires the driver pulley slides over against the belt wanting to engage. When I kill the engine just as it comes to a stop the pulley slides back away from the belt. If I take that black bell off will things try to find their way back to the factory...