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  1. D. Sebetka

    Wanted for Baja doodlebug:

    I need long forks, front and rear axle, brakes, ape handlebar, a 34/42/52 tooth rear axle sprocket. I am trying to make this look like an old school chopper. Anything would be great. I can't find a sprocket anywhere near me.
  2. D. Sebetka

    Wanted: Baja Doodlebug forks, sissy bar, ape hanger handlebar, and seat

    Does anyone have any of these for sale for a Baja doodlebug mini bike....forks, sissy bar, ape hanger handlebar, round gas tank, and seat? I need all of these. I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have Paypal or Ebay. I currently reside in Dubuque, IA at college, main home is in Audubon, IA...
  3. D. Sebetka

    OldMiniBikes Baja Doodlebug project

    I am building a Baja doodlebug project and wanted to know if anyone has front forks for this minibike? I need one set of forks if anyone has a spare.