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  1. oldsledz

    Michigan Minibike history

    I have a friend that is making a web page for Michigan made Minibikes, trikes , Snowmobiles ect. I have sent hime what info I have but am sure I have missed some. Can anyone help with what we have missed. Here is a link to what he has so far.
  2. oldsledz

    Brooks roller in MI
  3. oldsledz

    Wheel ID

    I must be getting old, I should know what this wheel is but don't remember. It is 5 inch.
  4. oldsledz


    I am offering this MiniMate for sale. Original paint, decals and wheels. good tires starts and runs good, but sometimes will not idle. 300.00 picked up in Midland Michigan.
  5. oldsledz

    8 HP Honda

    I have an 8 HP Honda engine , will it bolt directly into a minibike or will I need to off set it? Thanks
  6. oldsledz

    More than 2 wheels Oldsledz Low budget Trike build

    Here is my entry, I have had it for a few years and never figured out what it is. The front wheel is Gilson but may not be original.
  7. oldsledz

    Yard sale NOS and used small engine parts
  8. oldsledz

    Li'l Indian

    Li'l Indian it has a 3.5 hp Tecumseh runs good Nice original bike, just selling because it is too small for a fat old man to ride comfortably. 450.00 picked up in Midland Michigan Image CieFK by oldsledz | Picorator
  9. oldsledz

    6 inch whee and half wheel

    50.00 shipped for the wheel and 30.00 shipped for the half , discount if picked up in Midland MI
  10. oldsledz

    5 inch GoPower wheel

    5 inch GoPower wheel , The tire is shot 65.00
  11. oldsledz

    Tote Gote

    Model B Tote Gote someone put a 2 cycle Clinton engine on the bike I have not started it in 2 or 3 years it will need the carb cleaned. I have never done anything with the bike so it is time to let it go. I am asking 375.00 or make an offer pick up near Midland Michigan.
  12. oldsledz

    Oldsledz' - Gilson - (Just For Fun)

    Throwing my hat in the ring but will not be starting for a while.
  13. oldsledz

    Homemade Jeep gocart

    Saginaw MI CL 1950's Child's Wood Jeep Go Cart - Parade Vehicle - 1 of a kind
  14. oldsledz

    High rise handle bars

    Dose anyone know where to buy new high rise handle bars without the center made for a bicycle ?
  15. oldsledz

    Harrison build

    This Harrison has the early frame and early forks. I should have made this post a while ago as the bike is almost done. I bought 3 or 4 of these bikes as rollers over the last few years keeping the best parts. Ready for the powder coater. I used all new nuts and bolts grade 8 and...
  16. oldsledz

    Briggs copper color

    Is there a good color match for the briggs copper color in a spray can?
  17. oldsledz

    Mikuni carb on a clone

    I am putting a mikuni on a old style HF clone motor one of the blue engines, do I use the plastic spacer that held the spark plug wire? It looks like I need to with the NR racing kit I got, should I enlarge the intake hole to match the carb? Thanks
  18. oldsledz

    Fox Sprite

    Fox sprite has not been used for a few years will need some carb work to run, but ran good when it was put away. 225.00 Pick up near Midland Michigan
  19. oldsledz


    Ruttman Mini bike I put this bike together a few years ago and have road it less than 5 miles. New seat, wheels , tires, barings brake set up , twist grip and cables fenders, clutch and chain. The bike runs good, back tube has a slow leak. 450.00 OBO Pick up near Midland MI.