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    Acme rollers available

    I have two Acme choppers available. One is a limited production long wheelbase and the other the standard wheelbase. The LWB has 10" Azusa wheels, new tires, new rear brake and new seat. Price is $ 635. The SWB has new Azusa 8" Spinner wheels, new tires, new seat, and rear brake set up. Price is...
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    Acme long wheelbase roller for sale

    I am selling an Acme mini chopper roller. This is the long wheelbase limited production model. It has new Azusz 10" wheels and tires and is set up with a new sprocket ( welded to the wheel), a new Azusa drum brake kit, and a new seat. The frame has never been ridden. Shipping may be an issue due...
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    unpainted rollers

    I have had requests to offer the Lil Indian and Ruttman unpainted frames as rollers rather than complete bikes. I can do that for $425 each plus shipping.
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    Acme chopper seat

    this is a picture of the new seat I previously posted .
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    Acme chopper seat for sale

    I have a new seat that is made to fit an Acme chopper mini bike for sale. All black vinyl. T- nuts match the three holes in Acme seat supports. $60 plus shipping.
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    Mini bikes for sale

    I have a few mini bikes I have decided to sell. Two are small frame Lil Indians. I also have a brand new Azusa and a Ruttman. I live in Michigan. Let me know if you are interested and I can provide details.
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    New OldMiniBikes forum member

    While new to this forum, I am very familiar with mini bikes. My first was a Lil Indian purchased directly from Troy Ruttman back in the early '60's. I am currently refurbishing 8 bikes ranging from long and short wheelbase Acme choppers to Ruttman and Lil Indians. I look forward to following the...