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    1960/61 Go Kart Cycle Greenhorn Enduro frame, forks and seat

    1960/61 Go Kart Cycle Greenhorn Enduro, nearly impossible to find in this condition. Frame and forks are in excellent condition considering they're 60+ years old. Frame and forks have been powder coated in a metallic gunmetal grey although they appear more bronze under certain lighting. There...
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    Coleman BT200X

    Just picked up a Coleman BT200X, been hitting the trails while waiting for the upgrades to start rolling in. I'm really impressed with this bike and plan to build it to handle just about any hill/terrain that comes in it's path. First I'll be installing a torque converter and engine riser plate...
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    Ruttman Toad

    It may not be a bucket list bike to most but I have been wanting a "Real" Toad for some time. About two weeks ago, I picked up a Vulture roller from Market Place that had been repainted orange. I was almost satisfied due to not being purple and the lack of fenders, it was pretty much a Toad...
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    Ruttman Vulture

    Here's a Ruttman Vulture I picked up the other day, I think it's around a '70-'72 model. I spent all of Saturday night and most of Sunday morning tearing it down and cleaning everything. I bought it as a roller but I wanted some instant gratification so I tossed my GX120 that I bought new in...
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    What the "Experts" don't know, can hurt you!

    I'm starting a build based on a Tillotson 72mm block and was shopping for cylinder heads so I went to NR Racings website to check out what they had to offer. While browsing their "Race heads" section, I found an 18cc Honda UT2 head that peaked my interest. I noticed that "Milled .050" was...
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    The reason you pay so much at the Post Office

    So, a few days ago I ordered some bolts off eBay, they're a special length, otherwise I would have went to the hardware store. Anyhow, the seller was located in Detroit, MI and I'm about 65 miles north. Granted, it only took 4 days to get them, their journey probably cost more than what was...
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    My (new to me) MT-A2 Pocket Bike

    I have and have had quite a few motorcycles and tons of mini bikes but I've never had a pocket bike. I was at a friend of my buddies house a while back and he had this old pocket bike just sitting on his bench. I told him if he ever wanted to get rid of it, just give me a holler. Well, he gave...
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    Monster Moto Motovox Baja DB30 *NOS* suspension forks

    I have a NOS set of Monster Moto suspension forks for sale, $150 shipped east of the Mississippi, $165 shipped west of the Mississippi, located in Dryden, MI. I accept PayPal Friends and Family, PM me for info.
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    Ruttman Toad kickstand?

    I have a mid-70's Ruttman frame that was intended for 5"-6" wheels and has the 5" kickstand... Kinda. The catalogue lists 3 different size kickstands, 2-1/2", 5" and 12", The 2-1/2" is used on 4" wheel bikes like the "Toad" and "Vulture" while the 5" stand is used on pretty much everything else...
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    !!WTB!! Mercury 10 tooth clutch 5/8" bore

    I'm looking for a NOS or excellent used Mercury 10 tooth clutch for 5/8" shaft, PM with pictures and price. Thanks, A2M
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    !!WANTED!! Clinton Panther A400 490 500 engines/parts

    I love these little engines so I'm hoping to find a little of this and a little of that from a lot of you in order to preserve what would go to rot otherwise. I will pay a fair price plus shipping for pretty much anything useable, just PM me with pictures of what you have. Thanks, A2M
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    1960 Go Kart Cycle Greenhorn Enduro

    As if I don't have enough irons in the fire already, I just got my 1960 Go Kart Cycle Greenhorn Enduro back from powder coating. I could hardly wait to finally apply the decal to the forks. The color is a little more bronze than I hoped for, I was going for a metallic silver/grey like they were...
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    !!WANTED!! Tecumseh Power Products kart engine mount.

    Just as the title says, I need a kart engine mount for a Tecumseh Power Products engine, like in the photo below.
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    What is "Vintage" really?

    Most of us here are in our 40's, 50's and 60's. When I think "Vintage", I think of the bikes that were available in the 60's and 70's because that's what I grew up with. Now, when using the term "Vintage" while searching for parts and whatnot, I find Razor go-karts and Baja mini bikes. Really...
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    Lil Indian Century Series chrome fork spring

    As the title states, I'm looking for a chrome fork spring, Thanks!. A2M
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    69 "Lil" Indian

    I've been gathering up ( Hoarding ) "Lil" Indian parts for some time now and haven't had much time to really get a good start on any of them. Well, as a Christmas present to myself, I had my '69 "Lil" Indian frame sandblasted and powder coated light blue ( RAL 5012 ). The frame turned out real...
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    Tom Thumb tires
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    Ruttman push scooter?

    I recently responded to a Facebook Marketplace listing for a Ruttman washer frame for sale when I found something I didn't know existed... perhaps?. When I arrived to the sellers address I was pleasantly greeted by a gentleman who was more than happy to share his entire collection. To my...
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    Hunt Wilde grips

    Before spending your hard earned money on those "NOS Hunt Wilde" grips you see on eBay, read this!, . Like many of you, I turned to eBay to purchase, and over paid for what I thought were "NOS Hunt Wilde" grips, only to find out...
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    47cc pocket bike exhaust

    Looking for a Pro Jet pipe ( like the picture ) for a 47cc pocket bike. I would like a red muffler but any color will do, new or used, PM me if you would like to get rid of one.