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    Tote Gote

    Not my cup of tea, but maybe one of y’all will want to see this?
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    Oil Drain Hose

    The “Drainzit” drain hoses are a great idea but shouldn’t cost $20. I have googled until I’m blind but can’t seem to find a barbed hose fitting with M10x1.25 threads for the oil drains in Hondas/Clones. Source, anyone? Thanks, Don
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    What Source and Type for Exhaust Tubing?

    Needing to build multiple custom exhausts. The diameter and wall thickness are easy to figure out, but I’m wondering what exact type tubing you guys have used with success? I will probably have the parts chromed once I’m done. I’m assuming the McMaster Carr will be my source for materials unless...
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    I’m sure this one’s not hard...

    ...but I’m fairly new at mini’s. What is it? Does it look complete other than seat and engine? Thanks as always for everyone’s help!
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    Tiny Tiger Generator

    Thought u guys might find this ad interesting. Looks rare as heck. http://
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    Honda? Other?

    Ad for this says it’s a Honda, but it doesn’t look like any Honda I remember from when I was a kid. Any ideas? Thanks all!
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    ID this please?

    Anyone know what this started life as? Are the forks original or from something else? The seat almost certainly is, IMO. Thanks everyone
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    2018 Build-Off?

    New here, missed the ‘17 season but have a couple of great projects I’m eager to get into. Will there be an ‘18 build off season? If logistics/labor is an issue I’d be happy to assist. Thanks all, Don
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    Mikuni carb/pump causing oil leak?

    Have purchased a GX160 w/ Mikuni carb and pump. Oil is coming out of the TOP of the case where the governor sits. Seller theorizes that the pump may be pressurizing the case and causing the leak. Has anyone seen this before? Bad pump? Seems to be plumbed correctly as far as I can tell by...
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    Grasshopper Resto: Advice Please

    Picked up a Grasshopper roller project w/ No engine, clutch, or band brake. When completed this bike will be a regular ride around my neighborhood. Including after dark. Must-haves will be lights and a very quiet exhaust. Question 1: Given the above, should I also also convert/modernize this...
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    Pred for “only” $175? What a deal!
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    Quiet Muffler?

    I live in a community that will allow mini’s on the streets (yay) but I don’t want to give neighbors a reason to complain about the noise. Performance isn’t a priority, a very quiet (relatively speaking) machine is. When I was a kid my buddies and I used to weld stock tube-style mufflers end to...
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    I was told that this is a Hornet. Can anyone confirm that? Engine is irretrievably trashed, but the rest of the bike is there so I basically paid $70 for a roller. Thanks all!
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    How Clone is Clone?

    Not new to engines by any stretch but it’s been 40+ years since I last owned a mini, so please don’t flame me for what some will view as “stupid” questions... 1) How “Clone” are the Preds and/or other clones to the Hondas? Exact dimensions but different parts from a different factory? Better...