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    Specific twist throttle kit search......

    I want to replace my throttle kit. The one I have that works on my linkage is not a ball end..but a square piece of bar stock..about an inch long..with a slot cut in it..Secures with cotter pin..Anyone recognize the setup ? I had to use a bell crank on my GOTE linkage ..and this works...
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    What could possibly go wrong ???

    Let me count the ways !
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    Parts source that I just used..

    This may be old news to some. The carb. on my 1974 7HP B&S was leaking. In my search, I have tons of parts for old engines like ours. I go a NEW updraft carb. that is updated with internal "O" rings and improved flow...$69.95..I put it on my engine. It fired...
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    Tote Gote Model "P".. Front brake..

    My Gote has the internal band an old Schwinn..I tried removing the wheel to check the lining...but...Does the front axle drive out after removing the one bolt ? Don't want to damage anything..Also..Is it OK the use a die grinder to smooth down the rivets...then drive out.. to shorten...
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    R.I.P. Gote Updraft Carb.......Any recommendations for a replacement ?

    Original B&E 1974 updraft is toast. Threads are it's time for a new one. I see several online as replacements..Has anyone ever used an aftermarket ?
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    Suitable Disc Brake Kits ??..Model "P".......

    Before I turn this over to my Grandson, I'd like to upgrade brakes. Any ideas or thoughts ???? Thanks..jv..
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    SNAFU !!!...( I spoke too soon)

    As I posted yesterday. My "P" was all back together. I adjusted the chains..via about 1/2" both ways. I didn't know how much slack for the belt ??? tightened things up..took it off the stand...and it would not roll the back tire !! After some further seemed like...
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    Looking for throttle linkage for Tote Gote Model P..Will pay top $$..thanks..Jerry...870-847-5771/anytime..
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    Changing rear tire on my Model "P"..

    Haven't been on Forum for a while.!!...Decided to finish putting back together the "P' . My Grandson is old enough now..Everything is powder coated..New Briggs..Seat cover...bearings, belt...etc..I haven't tackled mounting the tires..and am thinking I should go to a bike dealer.. or an ATV...
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    Back to 2 Wheels..TOTE GOTE.."P"..

    A while back..2-3 years ..I finished the restoration of my Model P. (Then I got on a car restoration with my son.) It was missing the throttle linkage..but I fabbed a usable piece..(that kept failing ). This week..on Ebay..I got the 2 original throttle pieces for the P. One is a 2 piece...
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    Tote Gote Throttle Linkage..

    Does anyone have a linkage setup that I can purchase ?..or thoughts about making a linkage that will work on a B&S 8HP Flathead. Gote is completely restored..Can't get a linkage to work..thanks..jv..
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    I must be missing something..!!

    For the last 2 hours I've been fiddling with the throttle linkage on my Model P..with 8 HP Briggs. Mr Trotter helped me out with the wire part that I was missing..but..after I had everything together....for the last time...I found the throttle was still wrong. The engine starts and runs at...
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    Eliminating points on older B&S engines ??

    In reading through some older posts about B&S engines with points,I saw where a later coil was mentioned that does away with the point setup. Is there such a conversion ?.What coil is used ?..thanks..jv..
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    Chain Adjustment..Gote Model "P".

    Got the Gote about ready for the maiden ride. How much slack should I set in the 2 chains ? I have everything level and square..and belt is adjusted where it should be..Thanks..JV..
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    Hats off to Dick Trotter..

    I got back on my TOTE GOTE project last week after a 5 year break. Dick was right there to help with questions, suggestions..and his assistance with the build. He is an asset to the FORUM..and a help to all of us..I, for one, salute him....Jerry VanHorn
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    Back to the Model P..

    About 5 years ago I bought a "P" Gote. Got a lot of help here..especially Mr. Trotter. Used a NOS flathead B&S,,Found the clutch and belt. Had the frame,etc powdercoated..Seat recovered..Screens on other projects..antique child's sleigh, and a Mercedes convertible.Today I...
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    TOTEGOTE Model P..

    Back to finishing my GOTE after a couple years on other projects. Down to throttle linkage. The B&S is a newer engine..8HP...and back then Richard T. sent me a drawing of some of it. Does anyone have the linkage..or even parts of it.. that they would sell ?..thanks..Jerry...870-847-5771..
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    Need some Direction..

    Been off the forum for a while. Did finish my ToteGote..Wards..and the Sears mini's that I bought. ( I tend to go overboard on interests) Then did a repair/refurbish on a Mercedes 450SL roadster..Now, Time for a new project....Where can I get info, parts..on motorized bikes....vintage look...
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    Edging for TOTE GOTE screen..

    Kind of got off my MINI's and on to other projects..Find I need some more edging for the GOTE screen. I bought some somewhere off the boards..But can't remember where.. It's black..has about a 1/8 opening..and extends about 3/8 inches along the edge of the screen. Could someone point me in the...
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    I've Strayed !!!

    Clicked on a page of board track bikes. Got to have one !!..Anyone have a vintage engine..or an original frame..or...?????..Let me know..thanks..JV