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    Original Surviving Alexander Reynolds

    I finally came to the realization that I can't do everything so therefore it is time to sell the Alexander Reynolds (at least thats what I was told it was when I bought it). The bike has a broken foot peg, a missing air cleaner, and striped crankshaft threads. The Tecumseh H50 turns over no...
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    Flywheel Key and Engine Question

    A couple quick questions regarding my Tecumseh H60 1. Any tips on getting a stuck flywheel key out. I used penetrating oil, hammer, attempted to pry it up somehow with no luck. Any suggestions. 2. I currently have the side cover removed and find it nearly impossible to turn the engine...
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    Motor Mount Idea

    The mount on my mini bike was welded quickly and its not a very strong weld, which was done by the previous owner. I was wondering could i grind out the existing plate and instead of welding a new plate, just weld two 1/8" thick by 2" or 3" wide flat steel across the tubes and just mount the...
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    Is It Worth Saving?

    I got this engine for free and had planned to use it on a minibike project this summer but after looking more closely at it I don't know if its worth saving. The valves are both rusted and it didnt come with the side blower cover so I don' know hp or any details. I would really like to still use...
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    Forks and Wheels

    I'm looking for a fork set and front and rear wheels with sprocket for my Alexander Reynolds bike. The forks need to have 7" minimum stem length clearance. 6" front and rear wheels and preferably tires. Sprocket on the drivers left side. I have an 8" clearance between axel mounts...
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    Arco Mini Bike Build Help

    I purchased this frame a few months ago and was told by someone on the forum that it is an Arco. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it, model, what some of the original parts were, the original engine. This a summer project but need to know some info before I start. Any help or...
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    Tag Sale Find and Looking for Trade

    Few months ago I got four frames, five engines, some engine parts, and a Rupp wheel and tire for a great price. Now that schools done and its summer I'm looking to get a complete bike together. Theres a Rupp frame with a briggs engine, and three other unknown frames. I'm looking to keep the...
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    Engine ID

    I picked up a few engines and some other things from an older property today and wanted to know what I got. I have a couple briggs and strattons one late 1950's and one later but I'm unsure about this third one. It has a clinton carb on it that doesn't look original and I believe it has the...
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    Painting Help

    I am repainting a 1965 Craftsman Tractor and need some input. I completely disassembled the entire tractor over the summer and already began to completely strip the paint off of some parts with a Norton Rapid Strip Wheel, throughly clean and degrease every part using Denatured Alcohol and on...
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    Carlisle Tractor Tire Help

    I was wondering if anybody knew how to get a 16 x 5.50 - 8 tire. The ones I have now are from the mid-60's and are pretty much dry-rotted. I would prefer a tube tire but a tubeless one would work too. The original brand was Carlisle but any brand will work good now. Thanks and any help would...
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    Mini Bike Tube 4" Rim

    Looking for a 10.5 x 4.5 - 4 inch tube for the front tire of a Lil Indian. Suggestions or help. I live in Connecticut so maybe some local places that might carry them. Thanks Nick
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    3hp Briggs and Stratton Engine Trouble

    I'm sure this question is asked I lot but couldn't find any direct answers to what is going on with my engine. I have a 3hp Briggs and Stratton that was probably sitting around for 10-20 years with gas in the tank and the oil not drained. I had some help and was able to drain the old gas and...
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    Lil Indian Model 600 Mini Matic Restoration

    Finished my restoration on a 1968 Lil Indian Model 600 with a 2 Speed Fairbanks-Morse Jackshaft and 3hp Briggs and Stratton. I will hopefully make this an ongoing project and do some more work on it as time goes on. But I am happy because I did this project for under $150 and finished the day...
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    Caliper Brake Pucks

    I need the pucks for this brake assembly. If anybody has any info on this brake I would love to hear it also! Thanks Nick
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    Engine Testing Help

    I have a 6hp Tecumseh that came off of a Craftsman tractor which has an electric starter/generator. I was wondering does anybody know of any way to test this engine without using the electric starter and without spending the money on a recoil starter. Heres a photo ...
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    Brake Cable and Disk Brake

    I am looking to see if anybody has a brake cable with a 53" inner cable. I've seen some 56" and 49" but I haven't seen any 53" cables. I am also looking to see if anybody has a disk brake replacement for a Lil Indian. I'm assuming most mini bike disk brakes are universal but I want to get the...
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    Did I Ruin the Engine!? No Oil

    I have a 3hp Briggs and Stratton engine that was sitting around for some time. We drained the oil and replaced the gas and added some new parts to the carburator. I think I got a little to anxious to test the engine and ran it at very low rpm without any oil in it for about 10-15 seconds. I am...
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    Restoration 2 Speed Jackshaft

    I saw a few photos of somebody's mini bike with the 2 Speed Jackshaft all nicely finished and shiny and was wondering how they did it. I know Lil Indian sells a replacement jackshaft but i am not sure whether it is the same or worth the $80. This is my first minibike and I am trying to do a...
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    Possible Paint Messup?!

    I just got finished spray painting a Lil Indian frame. I used Rustoleum Self Etching Primer (2-3 coats used) and then Dupli-Color Metallic Metal Flake Red for the top coat. I read that using Dupli Color as a top coat for some applications with another brand as a primer could cause pleeing and...
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    2 Speed Jackshaft Removal

    If the information I got is correct this is a two speed jackshaft and its on a model 600 Lil Indian from 1968. I was wondering if anybody knew exactly how to remove this from the crankshaft. There is one set screw on the front of it, but after removing that I'm not sure and I don't want to do...