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  1. J

    speedway 14 inch fenders

    still looking for a set of fenders for my widow maker rider quality or above. I would love to finish this thing
  2. J

    speedway 14 inch wheel fenders

    need front and rear to complete my widow maker scavenger hunt.
  3. J

    long ride to get this powell

    tech hs 40 lighted i believe it is correct and plastic clutch guard. drove over 2 hours to get. they are still out there stay thirsty my friends.
  4. J

    speedway 14 inch fenders

    looking for a decent set of chrome fenders for speedway14 inch wheels. I have a widow maker and need to complete the parts list. thanks
  5. J

    speedway forks oil replacement

    anyone know the correct amount of fork oil to use for the 14 inch speedway forks? any info would be helpful
  6. J

    speedway widow maker 7/8 bars

    Looking for a decent set of chrome 7/8 handlebars for widow maker. 27 inches tip to tip 10 inch rise and 5 inch pullback. does not need to be perfect just presentable anything close if you have it thanks
  7. J

    speedway widow maker

    speedway widow maker picked up 2 weeks ago from a guy that had ridden it when it was complete . The bike is missing throttle assembly on carb, exhaust, and jackshaft. Any speedway guys let me know if finding a replacement carb is even possible and if not what carb could be used. I am also...
  8. J

    rupp restoration i finished last year.

    finally getting around to posting it. I spent 2 years looking for parts that were reasonable cost. The biggest cost was 300 for the nos tecumseh 4 hp. I drive this frequently and my kids love it. just thought i would share.
  9. J

    bonanza find at mansfield mass swap meet

    Picked this up 2 weeks ago. I recognized the wheels and the frame looked like a scout. cost was very reasonable and it runs. The engine is a hybrid of parts and the brakes do not work well. the tires needed 2 tubes which i did today and i got the brake pads on order from OldMiniBikes. the seat might be...
  10. J

    tecumseh mechanic for rebuild in mass?

    Anyone know of a shop that could rebuild an h50 1969 with the lighting coil? I have a rupp project and I want it done right. I have zero luck with tecumseh engines. They are frustrating when they do not run. could use a pro on this. I am in mass. Thanks
  11. J

    alexander reynolds with scrub brake

    Just got this for short money. The engine runs and the only thing missing is the rear fender. Anybody know the model name or year. The scrub brake appears factory. The engine is an h30 and fired right up with a squirt of starting fluid. I didn't need it but i had to have it.
  12. J

    lil indian 4 inch wheels

    I have had this one for over a year and am just now posting some pics. I beleive it is a 1960s model. The fenders are decent and appear to be stock. The engine is a 1977 3hp. Someone modified the seat bot it was done well and it adds a couple of inches for ease of riding. The scrub brake was...
  13. J

    3 Kawasaki coyotes in maine

    Saw this ad on CL for a package deal on 3 coyotes. They are listed in the Maine recreational vehicle section under mini bike. I can not afford but thought that it was a good opportuity for one of the members that collects or is looking for one. If it doesn't come up I apologize just look at the...
  14. J

    small output shaft on 2 hp

    I picked up a 2 hp briggs that was on an edger for very short money. I disasembled the edger and realized the horizontal shaft was only 1 and 3/8. long. It is keyed and the pulley assembly is with it. My question is what can I use to make this work on a mini bike. The clutchs all seem to be...
  15. J

    Points for B&S # 6309241

    Hello I have an engine that came with a mini i purchased recently. I have no spark but I do have compression. I want to change the points, but I am not sure where to purchase and what points I will need. I am mech. inclined but totally new to small engines. The engine is a 1963 I assume and...
  16. J


    hello I just picked up an old mini looks like a rupp cub 1968. I have kids and want to teach them some basic mechanics and how to restore an incredible little machine. I am working on inserting my mini photo for ID. Until then I am looking forward to any help I can get from the members here...