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  1. minibikefreak


    First snowfall in wi!!! :) broke out the sleds :D
  2. minibikefreak

    My drivers test is nov 19!!!!!!

    Im so exited i just had to share with my fellow OldMiniBikes friends. Driving test is nov 19th at 2pm. I took driving school and all, but does anybody have some good tips for me thanks alot. :)
  3. minibikefreak

    Rupp? Frame.

    Just a rupp with slanted engine plate no wheels. Frame and handle bars. 50$ obo pick up only
  4. minibikefreak

    Project bonanza!

    Got a bonanza from with some homemade bars gonna make my own and do some mods for a gas tank got a 5hp briggs for it should be a decent build stay tuned
  5. minibikefreak

    Cant decide!!!!!

    Got a bonanza and i choice of engines help? I plan on usin this as a daily rider. Not a full blown dragbike. I recently sold all my bikes and regret it so im going to start my collection over again and start with this one.
  6. minibikefreak

    Whats your best and worst favorite thing to do to your bike?

    For me the best would have to be making custom exhausts for em. I just love cutting and welding haha. And the worst would have to be brakes and wheels like replacing bearing and such. Lets hear yours! :Thumbsup:
  7. minibikefreak

    Any body from Wisconson in here.

    I live in racine WI anybody else that rides for fun?
  8. minibikefreak

    Garage cleaning

    This is our samller shop and it needs cleaning bad! Its about 1030 and im just getting started. Any ?s or comments are welcome to help keep me entertained. Thanks.
  9. minibikefreak


    Found a briggs 4hp in trash! Never had one before any advice on them would be great!
  10. minibikefreak

    heat shrink?

    how is this stuff i dont like electrical tape wire nuts are fine but what about heat shrink anyone use it before?
  11. minibikefreak

    6hp mini chopper

    Nice little mini chopper. Made an exhaust for it 6hp tecumseh. Has a COMET tav! Its a quick mini bike it has a stator for lights witch are hooked up also has wire for charging a small battery willing to trade for anything shoot me an offer. Local only. Shipping would be insane! $300
  12. minibikefreak

    What is this idk anything about it?????

    Its a trike ive had itfor a year and finally have time to look at it. Idk anything about trikes. I have a 340 polairis engine layin around and decided to throw this thing together heres some pics.
  13. minibikefreak

    2 stroke mini?

    Thinking about tearing apart a snowblower and putting it on a mini. I know it's got a 5/8 shaft. So I might as well try it. Anyone else try? Just gotta figure out a engine mount
  14. minibikefreak

    New truck

    I am so happy guy wanted a grand but traded for a chevy 350 engine its a 1970 ford f100 pickup but the guy put in 351 small bolck and new tranny bandm slap shifter new radiator and fuel i weld new florr pans in and paint it up!! Im 15 by the way :D
  15. minibikefreak

    Wish i had electriity in my shop :(

    Im 15 and have been welding and wrenchin for 3 years now own many minibikes go karts ect and only have an extension cord in my shop. My moms boyfriend promised me he would help but as far as i am is power wire is ran fuse box is in shop but not hooked up all wires switches and outlets. The only...
  16. minibikefreak

    Carb recomendations for 6hp ohv tec?

    Have a little mini chopper here and im sick if this stock carb. I dont want to take the gov off cause then i will have to make a throttle setup or something i have no problem making an adapter peice. Please any ideas will be helpful.
  17. minibikefreak

    What do u think of my car?

    Im 15 will be 16 in a month and have a 1994 toyota corolla. Upgraded speakers head unit and 2 12 inch subs in the trunk. I cherry bomb glasspack and k and n cold air intake. More to come but thats it so far.
  18. minibikefreak

    Converting an electic scooter to a 3hp briggs

    Started out as a electric scooter found in trash with junk batteries. So i say why not try rigging up a 3hp briggs to run on it already did a lot of work. So here is some pics. Today ordered 10 tooth clutch 41 chain a twist throttle and cable
  19. minibikefreak

    What kind of minibike is this?

    i picked up a mini chopper and have no idea what kind. It has a 6hp tecumseh with a comet torque a verter. I took the torque a verter all aprat cause it was staying in low gear and now it hulls ass. Im makin an exhaust for it right now pics will be up.
  20. minibikefreak should make a iphone ipod touch app

    im always on my iphone and i would love to go on this site everywhere i know i can go on it on safari but i think an app would be cool:shrug: