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    Tri Sport RTS 340 SL on craigslist

    Found this on craigslist, pictures are not that good but it looks like most of this trike is there. If someone is close by to this I think its not a bad price. Tri-Sport RTS 340
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    Tri Sport SL for sale

    Trisport alsport 1974 For anyone looking for a street legal, this one looks like a good project.
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    1982 Honda Odyssey FL250

    [/IMG] I seen this yesterday while driving around. The lady said her dad bought this for her when she was 12 years old. It has being in her garage for 15 years and has not being started since. She said I could have it for $500.00 so I took it. The gas tank is dry but really rusted inside...
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    Alsport Tri sport

    [/IMG] I bought this tri sport new,and have had it nearly 40 years. Does anyone know how many of these were built? It never had a roll bar with it when I assembled it. Does anyone know where I can buy a roll bar for it?