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  1. cattailhaas

    WANTED 6 inch Trail Horse steel wheels

    Looking for original 6 inch Trail Horse steel wheels to buy or trade for the 4 inch one's I have on the bike now...
  2. cattailhaas

    Joe's mini bike reunion

    I wonder why there has been no mention of this event on here? It happens tomorrow in La crescenta, Ca.
  3. cattailhaas

    Another lightning bolt badge bonanza...

    Picked this one up today. Thought it was just another BC 1100 until I looked at the early four number lightning bolt badge and saw the early rear axle adjusters and two piece sprocket. I don't believe that it's older than a 1966 because it doesn't have the external springs on the forks or the...
  4. cattailhaas

    1968 Fox Doodle Bug second owner

    Picked this up from a guy today for 250.00 that bought it new in 1968. I asked him if he bought it for his kids and he said no he bought it for him and his wife at the time and has always kept it inside. Looks all original except for the fork boots, brake handle, and kickstand. Anyone know what...
  5. cattailhaas

    Tecumseh oval air cleaner

    Looking for the three horizontal louver type oval air cleaner cover like what would have come on a bonanza bc1000 or bc1100. I know this is a long shot, but thought I would ask. Please let me know, thanks
  6. cattailhaas

    My Bonanza fork boots

    So I got two 5.30/4.20-6 USA made carlisle double indian head tires from a guy, and I've decided to use them on my BC1100 project. Being I'm using a big engine I thought it would look good with big tires also. The only problem with them is that the tread footprint is really wide making it...
  7. cattailhaas

    Continental 2.5 hp

    A friend of mine bought a pallet of these engines at an auction. These were made by a company called Deco Grand Inc. of Royal Oak, MICH. I believe they're a later model of the old continental engines that came on simplex and others. If anyone has more information on these little motors, please...
  8. cattailhaas

    Shaving some Tecumseh heads

    So a few weeks ago Markus asked if anyone could cut a sprocket and some tec. heads which led to talk on the thread about kustom kart kid cutting some heads using a spud screwed into the spark plug hole, which sounded like a good idea. When I received the heads I lightly sanded the heads on a...
  9. cattailhaas

    My Tecumseh muffler

    So after making a large taylor style muffler for the Tecumseh 6 h.p. in my BC1100, I then decided to build a Tecumseh muffler like the one the bike would have came with, only a little larger. I did my best to build it like the original including crimping the two halves together...
  10. cattailhaas

    Bonanza drum / spocket rebuild

    So the teeth on this drum were sharp enough to cut wood with, as are most I have seen, so....the fix. I chucked the drum up in the lathe, checked and marked the run out, and then cut the old sprocket off. Next I clamped the new sprocket from OldMiniBikes on the mill and used the boreing head to cut out...
  11. cattailhaas

    My Taylor muffler

    So I'm putting a Tecumseh 6 H.P. on my Bonanza 1100, and as far as I know Taylor never made a muffler for a 6 H.P. so I decided to make my own, scaled up a little larger. The exhaust port measures one inch so I bent some .090 wall tubing into the shape I needed. The bends ended up...
  12. cattailhaas

    My bonanza clutch cover

    So I'm putting a 6 hp. Tecumseh on my BC 1100 which requires me to use a jackshaft with the first sprocket on the outside of the bearing plates. So I decided to build a clutch cover that was wider to accommodate the sprocket although I ended up building it to stock size. Yesterday I asked the...
  13. cattailhaas

    Bonanza clutch cover question

    I was wondering if someone could give me the diameter and depth measurements of the round part of a bonanza clutch cover, and maybe the overall length too ? Thanks, Roger..
  14. cattailhaas


    A friend of mine gave me this kickstand thinking it was for a bonanza, but when I compared it to the one from my bc 1300sh it is a little longer. The main mounting piece has the same shape and number on it. Maybe off the chopper model ? I also wonder if anyone has a picture of the ubolt bracket...
  15. cattailhaas

    Unknown bars

    Found these in a guys yard....any idea ?
  16. cattailhaas

    Was 200.00 too much ?

    I know it was a good deal at 200.00. '72 CAT R3002 REAL WINNER. Hell just the honda motors probably worth that. This has nice fenders, foot peg grips, handle bars, stars, and the hard to find kill switch plate. The only bummer is they used the front brake too many times....So I straightened the...
  17. cattailhaas

    Was forty bucks to much ?

    Picked this up for 40.00. BC1100 I believe. It's missing the jack shaft plates and the foot peg tube seems wrong. The badge is also smaller and different than my other bonanza and most that I have seen. The bonanza letters on this badge are not embossed and it doesn't say USA next to san jose...
  18. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

    So this will be my second bike for the build off but I will focus on this one more as I plan on doing a lot of fabrication to make it what I want. All though I am modifying this bike, I am not doing anything to it that can't be reversed by unbolting a few things. My plans for this bike are...
  19. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 Cat 400X - (Vintage Class)

    Been meaning to restore this bike for a while glad the OldMiniBikes build off has finally come.... gonna start working on it tomorrow. I have everything to build this bike except an original throttle assembly and a rear fender, just in case anyone wants to sell me these parts to help with the...
  20. cattailhaas

    New to me...Kmart cheeftah

    I picked this up yesterday. I didn't need another mini, but after researching it I am glad that I bought it. Looks pretty complete other than wrong engine, brake handle, and the rear fender is mounted wrong to clear the briggs. I'm glad I got it so now I have a spot to put that 4 hp clinton I've...