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    Original Surviving Alexander Reynolds

    Ya well I went and edited that right after pomfish informed me. A sale is pending.
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    Original Surviving Alexander Reynolds

    Well thank you for letting me know, now I just need to find a way to edit the post.
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    Original Surviving Alexander Reynolds

    I finally came to the realization that I can't do everything so therefore it is time to sell the Alexander Reynolds (at least thats what I was told it was when I bought it). The bike has a broken foot peg, a missing air cleaner, and striped crankshaft threads. The Tecumseh H50 turns over no...
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    Flywheel Key and Engine Question

    A couple quick questions regarding my Tecumseh H60 1. Any tips on getting a stuck flywheel key out. I used penetrating oil, hammer, attempted to pry it up somehow with no luck. Any suggestions. 2. I currently have the side cover removed and find it nearly impossible to turn the engine...
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    Motor Mount Idea

    The mount on my mini bike was welded quickly and its not a very strong weld, which was done by the previous owner. I was wondering could i grind out the existing plate and instead of welding a new plate, just weld two 1/8" thick by 2" or 3" wide flat steel across the tubes and just mount the...
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    Is It Worth Saving?

    Well it did come with a head I just took if off for the picture. I removed both valves but am not sure what to be looking for a far as wear goes in the cylinder and places. I still am unsure what hp this engine is? Thanks for the help though Nick
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    Is It Worth Saving?

    I got this engine for free and had planned to use it on a minibike project this summer but after looking more closely at it I don't know if its worth saving. The valves are both rusted and it didnt come with the side blower cover so I don' know hp or any details. I would really like to still use...
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    Forks and Wheels

    Please let me know the measurement of the spacing there and a price + shipping to 06489. Thanks for your response Nick
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    Forks and Wheels

    I'm looking for a fork set and front and rear wheels with sprocket for my Alexander Reynolds bike. The forks need to have 7" minimum stem length clearance. 6" front and rear wheels and preferably tires. Sprocket on the drivers left side. I have an 8" clearance between axel mounts...
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    Arco Mini Bike Build Help

    I purchased this frame a few months ago and was told by someone on the forum that it is an Arco. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it, model, what some of the original parts were, the original engine. This a summer project but need to know some info before I start. Any help or...
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