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  1. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    I'll play. Some may remember this bike. Built it a few years ago. Even made a The Briggs Animal was just too much. And the forks needed to go back on the Scrambler. So, redo to something more useful. I may not end up using this engine..don't know if it runs after my fabulous...
  2. buckeye

    Mini Bike Mania Lucedale,Ms.

    We doing this again.
  3. buckeye

    What up ?

    Merry Christmas!
  4. buckeye

    Gilson gas caps?

    What you cool Cats using for fancy gas caps on these Gilson bikes? New here..
  5. buckeye

    Anybody got a Fooooooxxxx?

    What's up. I have been real abscent from here for months. Not that I don't still love this sh8t x life has disrupted my love. Some close friends from here know what's up. I am still around and will soon come out of hibernation. I have a bunch of unfinished junk in my garage. Look...
  6. buckeye

    ARCO What?

    This was delivered to me today all the way from the great state of Texas. I am not 100% sure but, Easy Rider? I know the Briggs is wrong. Thanks in advance.
  7. buckeye

    Mini bike Mania September 1-3 Lucedale Mississippi

    Get ready for the biggest mini bike event in the Southeast. We have teamed up with the Rat Rods and will be putting on a show. Plenty of time join us for some good Southern fun! Hoping to see some of you northerners make it!
  8. buckeye

    Deep South Racing

    Had a little fun this weekend.
  9. buckeye

    Mounting a fuel pump question.

    I have to add a fuel pump to my build and do not want to drill holes in the frame. What options are there for mounting a Walbro pump? Can they be mounted vertical vs horizontal? Or does that matter? Thanks in advance.
  10. buckeye

    Happy Birthday Harleys Papa

    Have a great day buddy.
  11. buckeye

    When you get helicopter coverage

    I went to a event this past weekend in Southern Louisiana. Swamp Stomp. Car show, rat rods, and mini bike racing. Friend shared this with me. 3g Fabrications well represented. Isaiah Gibbs and yours truely. I can't wait to see the pic from the helicopter.
  12. buckeye

    HS50 bog with turn of the throttle.

    I have searched, tried every carb adjustment there is and still bogs as soon as I cracking the throttle. Idles perfect. Just barely cracked the throttle and rpm's begin to raise then just bogs out. Let off, idles perfect. Brand new carb because original was doing the same thing. What am I...
  13. buckeye

    Happy Birthday Derek

    Happy Birthday you Cat hoarder you!
  14. buckeye

    Gumpits Birthday?

    Happy Birthday Randy.
  15. buckeye

    Happy Birthday Mr Pat

    Have a great day !
  16. buckeye

    Happy Birthday Evil Ed

    Happy Birthday Ed!!
  17. buckeye

    Mini Bike Mania VI?

    Looking at dates for the greatest show on dirt. Looking at the 3rd weekend in May. Lucedale,Mississippi. 1/8th dirt track. Three day event Races and show Saturday. Any interest? Or just scratch this thing again.:laugh:
  18. buckeye

    Look what popped up in Pensacola

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse reaching out..
  19. buckeye

    Ogy's Fox Campus Restore

    I was lucky enough to get some sneak peeks into the master in action. Absolutely beautiful. And to think, he is building 10. Thanks for sharing Ogy!!
  20. buckeye

    Had some fun yesterday

    Went to the Annual Rat Rod and Mini Bike Show yesterday. Got to hang out with Chipper and his crew. And watch them absolutely dominate the mini bike races. At least Chippers bikes did. 4 of the 5 final bikes were his. Fun, fun, stuff. No dirt tack pics. I was playing until my chain came...