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  1. kayde

    WTB: Complete front end for 1970-72 Fantic Broncco TX-6 "Wrangler"

    Jfyi I ever received any pm from you not sure if something went wrong on your end. I sent you one to make it easier to reply if your having troubles.
  2. kayde

    Rupp TT500 score. I have questions.

    I see a bunch of elbow grease turning that bike into one clean machine. Being in such good condition its odd those parts were replaced. Those bikes had a style/look all too their own , definitely a nice find that any enthusiast would be proud too have it in their collection.
  3. kayde

    WTB: Complete front end for 1970-72 Fantic Broncco TX-6 "Wrangler"

    I have the front wheel and brake from this old bike if it interests you at all.
  4. kayde

    After way too long, finally finished the Ducar 212 MM80

    Well done! I'm really diggin the colors. She should be proud to ride such a clean machine.
  5. kayde

    T555 Project Begins Awesome project here's few pics of my old trike that might help you out. I wouldn't put a clutch on one of these trikes probably wouldn't last or work so well.
  6. kayde

    1971 MTD Trail Flite gas tank wanted

    I would like to get in line for this tank if member Rle passes.
  7. kayde

    Simplex Rat-Bike Rider

    Cool bike to bring back to life have fun with it.
  8. kayde

    Mini bike interview from my friends at GPS

    Nice collection and very cool interview.
  9. kayde

    Help me find my 72' Rupp Roadster II that I sold in 2017!

    Very nice bike and good luck on your search.
  10. kayde

    Perkiomen Mini bike Show/Swap Meet Oley, PA May 6, 7 2022

    I seriously didn't mean too jinx this show, either way nice to see smiles in the rain and have quality time with the boy. Looking forward to next year.
  11. kayde

    Perkiomen Mini bike Show/Swap Meet Oley, PA May 6, 7 2022

    This event is too cool and too close to home too miss. Hopefully we'll have good weather.
  12. kayde

    I'm getting a weird message when I come to the Oldminibikes site...say I better go back it's not safe.

    Havin problems here also, claims my time and date don't match so I can access this site my usual way.
  13. kayde

    Post your cars!

    Its funny that there was a long period of time nobody wanted big bumper x bodies. How times have changed. Figured I'd share my rat powerd big bumper sprint x body.
  14. kayde

    Post your cars!

    My occasional daily :rolleyes: just another old beat up 67 C10 Pics are about 10 yrs apart. If I had a dollar for every offer of $500 I've had for this truck I could buy another $500 truck
  15. kayde

    Scored a bonanza

    Thank you, I'll feel better knowing the bolt isnt someone elses hack.
  16. kayde

    Scored a bonanza

    Hey all,, cleaning up the brake on this bonanza and found the weld on the anchor "bolt" in the brake plate broke free. Before mr miller fixes it I gotta ask. Is this really supposed to be just a regular grade 5 bolt? Was the square nut added just help with the broke weld?
  17. kayde

    My winter project almost done

    These broncs are a blast too ride in the snow and mud and even on nice days sometimes lol they also come in handy for doing chores...if equipped. Yours looks unstoppable with those tires. I recall my first ever ride on a big tire bronc I felt the turning/ handling was a bit odd but quickly...
  18. kayde

    MANCO Thunderbird - engine suggestion

    I'm guessing your problems stem from ethanol fuel and long term storage gooping up the carbs. These tec motors and carbs are fairly simple and new carbs are cheap on ebay and easy to replace. Consider finding and using ethanol free fuel in your area and use only that in your minis and other...
  19. kayde

    The Official MTD MIni Bike Thread

    Something about the rake and that big 12" wheel way out front inspires confidence diving into corners and going down steep hills. I'm amazed at the ride quality of the oe suspension on these This bike "floats" over the rough trails like a big Ole caddy and stays stable while doing it. My old 72...
  20. kayde

    Subaru 7 hp off a pressure washer...

    Recently picked up another arco that came with a subaru on it. As a note there is absolutely no way too remove the fuel cap if using the oe tank on a small frame like this.