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  1. RuppChopperPaul

    FS: Fox Thunderbolt Frame, Fork & Swing Arm

    $100 and shipping. Exact year and model is unknown. Previous owner added foot pegs (something must have happened to the originals), and they were put on crooked so I took them off. They also welded some angle iron to the bottom of the frame (see 2nd picture), I was able to remove the pieces...
  2. RuppChopperPaul

    What is this mini bike?

    I bought this rolling frame for the wheels, and I was told it was a Bird by the seller? But I think it might be a Fox? Clearly the foot pegs on the frame don't belong... not sure of the shocks... and I don't think that the wheels did. I would love to keep the whole thing, but I'm only keeping...
  3. RuppChopperPaul

    RuppChopperPaul's - "1/2 Ton" Rupp - (Vintage Open)

    I tried this last year and I am going to try it again with a much tighter budget. This time, going cafe racer with the goal of reaching speeds of 50 mph, hence the name "1/2 Ton". Using a Predator 212cc Hemi engine, 1975 Rupp Roadster frame, 14" Speedway wheels, Coleman Attex tank (from...
  4. RuppChopperPaul

    1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail

    FINISHED: IN THE BEGINNING: 1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail - $3999 Unfortunately I have been out of work for several months now and possibly looking at changing careers so I am reluctantly offering up my 1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail that I had started for the 2016 Build-Off Competition...
  5. RuppChopperPaul

    Old School Minibike Saturday Swap and Sale, November 26

    Old School Minibike Annual Thanksgiving Saturday Parking Lot Swap and Sale, November 26 from 10-3! Rain, Snow or Sunshine! 12015 Telegraph Rd, Redford. Hope you can make it!
  6. RuppChopperPaul

    Will a Coleman Attex Sport gas tank fit on a Rupp Roadster??

    Like the title says...will a Coleman Attex Sport gas tank work on a Rupp Roadster? Even if I have to cut the seat pan a little bit, that would be okay with me. I saw one for sale on the web...but the guy is too lazy to give me any measurements. I don't understand people, guess he really...
  7. RuppChopperPaul

    FS: 1971 Speedway Scorpion or Scarab Frame Only

    $60 + shipping 1971 Speedway Scorpion or Scarab Frame only...that is all I have for this minibike. It's been sandblasted (there was some light rust on the seat pan area) and painted gloss black (some handling marks/scrapes from being moved around the garage) I will get a shipping quote...
  8. RuppChopperPaul

    JCPenney Swinger Trail

    Well, I didn't finish this for the 2016 Build-Off so I am moving the final stages of this build over here to Projects & Rides. Unfortunately I had to rely on too many other people/resources to complete my Rupp, also I under estimated the number of parts and cost of the build. Hopefully my...
  9. RuppChopperPaul

    Rupp TC belt surface question

    I am cleaning up my torque converter now and wondered about the inner surface that the belt rides on. I attached pictures of the drive unit, and I knocked a bit of the rough stuff off the surface but didn't want to take it too far. The picture maybe makes it look worse than it is, it's...
  10. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel

    Like the title says i am looking for a nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel. Wheel/hub/spokes needs to be excellent/nice/decent...don't care about tire conditon if there is one on the rim. Thanks, Paul
  11. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB ONE nice Rupp Roadster chrome headlight bracket with reflector

    Like the title says...I need ONE nice Rupp Roadster chrome headlight bracket with reflector. Looking something with nice chrome (not needing a rechrome), I would consider buying one without the reflector and would consider buying a pair if need be. Thanks, Paul
  12. RuppChopperPaul

    Build-Off '16 RuppChopperPaul "Putting the Grrr in Swinger Trail, Baby" Vintage Class

    My entry is a very, very rough and all original (down to the November 1971 date coded headlight) 1972 JC Penney (Rupp) Swinger Trail brought back to it's former glory. Right now, I plan on 4 slight deviations from original that at a glance to the untrained eye will still look correct. 1)...
  13. RuppChopperPaul

    Old School Minibike Holiday Swap! Saturday January 2, 2016 - Redford Michigan

    This Saturday. From Craigslist: Old School Minibike will be having its Holiday PARKING LOT SWAP and SALE, Saturday January 2, 2016 from 10-3. Rain, Snow or Shine! Free lunch served from 11-2. Old School Minibike 12015 Telegraph Rd. Redford MI 48239. Come on out to ring in the...
  14. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB pair of original Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in working condition

    Like the title says I am looking for a pair of Rupp Roadster 2 shocks in at least decent working condition. Looking for originals, not any of the different styles that are being sold these days. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks, Paul
  15. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB: Tecumseh HS40 blower cover - shroud - housing for 1972 Rupp Roadster 2

    As the title says I am looking for a nice shroud/cover/housing (whatever you would like to call it) for my 72 Rupp Roadster 2 Let me know what you have and how much including shipping to the Detroit Michigan area you want for it. Thanks in advance, Paul
  16. RuppChopperPaul

    Rupp Roadster 12" rim width? And tire sizes?

    My 12" wheels still have tires on them so i can't exactly tell how wide the rims are? They look to be around 2-1/2" wide. I also wondered if people are running any other sizes than the 3.00-12 tires on a Rupp Roadster 2? There are some scooter tires out there in metric sizes, is anyone...
  17. RuppChopperPaul

    New Guy from the Motor City

    Hello All, I have been lurking around for a while now and finally registered just a short time ago. My screen name comes from my favorite mini bike that I had as a kid, I have included a picture of me taken in front of my grandfather's house in 1975. He was a big inspiration for me...