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  1. Von Zipper

    small 2 stroke engine

    I bought this engine about 8 years ago. It turns over but doesn't run. I haven't messed with it to see what is needed. I gave $100 for it. I will ship it for actual UPS shipping to your zip code. I'd like to get my hundred back but make an offer if you don't think it's worth that. :)It's in sw...
  2. Von Zipper

    1968 Taco model 44

    I'm ready to move on to a custom build. This is stored inside under a cover. The fuel tank was drained the last time it ran which was around 5 years ago. I don't believe there is an hour of run time on the engine since rebuilt. It cruised main street in a car show a few times. I think the video...
  3. Von Zipper

    Small v twin engine

    Does anybody know of a real small light weight v twin engine that was ever produced? I 'm looking for something similar to a Briggs vangard that is half the size. I have seen pics of a shop made Honda 90cc clone that the guy made a crankcase and crank to mate 2 engines together. I didn't want to...
  4. Von Zipper

    need help identifying this engine

    This 2 stroke has the numbers 1602 0014 on the blower housing. The carb has power products on it. I think this is a Tecumseh. Am I close?
  5. Von Zipper

    Taco frijole frame strength

    I have seen many of you build new frijoles. Is the design of the frame weak enough that you would regret putting a 140cc Honda clone shifter engine in it? I'm dreaming about something for next years' build off if there is one. :)
  6. Von Zipper

    Taco update

    Today I removed the taco from it's place in storage and proceeded to install a repo clutch cover I bought at least a year ago. My original plan was to paint it with polished letters. I got started sanding and got carried away. In case you are wondering why it had to wait so long, I have posted a...
  7. Von Zipper

    Congratulations to all participants!

    I'm sure that most of you are on numerous forums. Some are famous in a good way and some aren't. The mini bike hobby is really good for lots of people. Low cost, small foot print in storage, simple designs. Great people! The build-off has given this forum some extra special life. It's been...
  8. Von Zipper

    OldMiniBikes Buildoff

    I watched last year and this with great interest. My area of interest is more in fabricating and building than some of the other areas. My congratulations to all who are involved. This really brings a forum to life! I have too many projects that aren't finished to join yet. If I can find an...
  9. Von Zipper

    2hp. Briggs for sale

    Engine that was cleaned and painted but not overhauled. I had this in my Taco for a short while. $50 plus actual ups shipping to you. This is a link of it running. It's been stored in my shed without gas for about 3 years.
  10. Von Zipper

    Universal seat

    I bought this seat 2 years ago and had it on my Taco 44. I finally got the original recovered and am ready to sell this one. The price is $35 plus actual ups shipping to your zipcode.
  11. Von Zipper

    Taco clutch cover

    I need a Taco clutch cover. Pm what you have. Thank you.
  12. Von Zipper

    Has anybody noticed?

    Since after Christmas, has anyone noticed that playtoys seemed to have quit selling? The mini bikes on ebay have slowed down as compared to before the first of December. There are several other items I watch and unless it's less than $500, it doesn't seem to sell. Does anybody else have any input?
  13. Von Zipper

    Taco 22

    Did anybody here buy the restored Taco 22 on ebay today. It had a buy it now of $1200. Poof. gone.
  14. Von Zipper


    Anybody been crazy enough to try and run around 50% nitro in a flattie? It will take twice the fuel volume of alky to do this. Is there a carb that has large enough passages to handle this?
  15. Von Zipper

    Trying to figure out the date of production

    I have a 3.5 hp? copper engine. The fan cover doesn't appear to be original. It is an all aluminum koolbore unit with point ignition and an updraft carb. What is the years of production for this style?
  16. Von Zipper

    Favorite mini bike

    I don't want to start a war. What would be the best all time mini and why do you think so?
  17. Von Zipper

    5hp carb jet change

    I searched and didn't find the results I was looking for. Can you drill the jet on a pulsajet carb and not ruin it? I can't find anything about doing such. I'd like to do this instead of looking for a raptor carb.
  18. Von Zipper

    Removing tire labels

    Has anyone tried sanding or using a knife to remove the manufacturer's name from the sidewall of a tire? I'm not real happy that I have chen shing on them.
  19. Von Zipper

    Is there an easy way to polish wheels.

    I have the original wheels on my Taco. They were burnished from the factory. Is there an easy way to bring the luster back or do I need to sand and polish like any other alum part?
  20. Von Zipper

    New project

    I bought a 68 Taco 44 from one of the members. It's disassembled now and ready for restoration. As I make progress, I'll post some pics. This is the smallest project I've ever done.