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    Billet rod plans and some samples

    Materials for Honda ohv billet rods...plans with specs and sample pieces and partial pieces. Got in parts lot and would rather pass along to someone else than throw away. 30 shipped. Pics available, can't post from phone.
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    Homebrew electric starter

    Homemade electric starter... a little cumbersome, but it's an option for engines in which recoil has been removed. Not sure exactly what they set it up for, but I'm sure a handy shopsmith could mod it to work in whatever fashion desired. cables hook up to a standard 12-volt automotive or...
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    5hp briggs i/c engine

    5hp Briggs engine with cast iron bore. Came off a generator. Serial numbers date it to 1980s era. Pics available but can't seem to pot them on my phone. $125 shipped.
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    Potpourri of parts (Briggs)

    Random pile of parts for 5-hp Briggs: four air filter cups, some used, a couple new, presumably for Tillotsen carbs flywheel starter cup, presumably for non-flathead/Animal engine? flywheel screen two new AC Delco spark plugs ARC crank timing gear two valves (appear new) ventless valve...
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    carburetors for sale... Mikuni and a Kehin.

    Several carbs for sale... range from 18mm mikuni reportedly set up for an Animal engine to 28mm Mikunis. A couple I believe tapered bores (20-22mm) Mikunis, as well as a 24mm unit. Two 28mm off Banshee that appear to be at least partially parted out. No idea if these can be adapted for...
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    Parts for sale

    ARC billet flywheel with adjustable timing hub, Part No. 6608, never used by all appearances, $120 shipped. Tillotsen HL363 carburetors, NOS, three available, $80 each shipped. Intake manifolds for Briggs Raptor, match above Tilly carbs, $20 each shipped. Billet Tecumseh rods, NOS...
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    Engines for sale

    Two stroke Tecumseh, believe it came off a snowthrower, needs starter rope and no gas tank, but complete otherwise, everything looks great; $20 plus shipping; 5-horse Briggs, run of the mill bushing block engine, no carb but tank is available to go with it, was cleaned up and overhauled with...
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    More stuff for sale

    Two stroke air filter cups/velocity stacks: $30 for pair Box of Tillotsen hardware/repair parts... contains hardware, butterflies, springs, needle valves, etc. $40. Tons of Tillotsen (NOS, no less!) carburetor parts, appear to be overhaul kits with gaskets and hardware, etc., nearly 20...
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    Briggs flathead blocks

    Briggs blocks for sale, including one ported/modded/stroke clearanced, one mostly complete short block (appears to be NOS), and one partial short block (used and disassembled). No idea of the specs of the modded block, but it appears to be based upon a dual-bearing engine; stroker clearanced...
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    Intake manifolds

    Lot of miscellaneous intake manifolds... fit Tilly carbs. Most are flathead Briggs, but I think may be one or two that are or Animal or Clone engines. Don't know for sure. $40 for the lot. Mystery aluminum blocks... appear to be some kind of manifold, but I have been unable to track them...
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    PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter

    Red PVL digital coils, 7,100 RPM limiter, appear to be brand new and never used. I know for sure these fit Animals, but I also recall reading somewhere that they fit both flathead and Animal Briggs engines, but I don't have any personal experience with that myself. $75 shipped, and I have two...
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    Lot of Briggs and some Tecumseh bits

    Briggs, Tecumseh and other miscellaneous bits in one lot for sale...NOS in package, unless otherwise noted. $60 shipped Included is: ARP hardware kit for 5-horse Briggs; never opened, but was placed in a plastic bag as the seal was compromised and so the extra bag helped keep things...
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    Deal gone bad... long post.

    I've resigned myself to accepting what I'm about to describe as a learning experience, but I want to share it with others for the purposes of feedback as well as helping to prevent similar issues for others out there. I sold an engine to OldMiniBikes member Karl Masslofsky (screenname Not so mini...
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    In my neck of the woods...

    3 Mini Bike Frames Three frames, $150... but I have no way of knowing if there's anything here that's worth my driving time? Anyone recognize anything here that's worthy of saving?
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    Billet heads

    Three billet cylinder heads, two of which are finless alcohol engine design. The third I believe is for a Blockzilla engine as it definitely does not fit a standard 5-horse Briggs, Raptor or otherwise. $35 each shipped. 23 tooth Quarter Midget sprocket, $20 shipped.
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    Tillotsen carb, intake manifold, velocity stack

    Tillostesen HL368 carb, intake manifold and aluminum velocity stack. Carb is mostly dissembled but hardware and components are all bagged up. $40 shipped.
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    vintage new in box Fairbanks Morse pushbutton starter

    This likely wouldn't be too practical on a minibike, but perhaps may be of interest on a go-kart project. Electric starter motor to bolt to the front of a blowerhousing; not sure as to whether it's a universal design, as there's no instructions in the box, but this starter motor utilizes a...
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    exhaust lot

    Various exhaust system components... some headers, a couple of RTV silencers (one new in wrapper, the other used), a couple chrome silencers/pipes that I've no clue as to what application they fit, and a variety of materials for a skilled fabricator. $65 plus shipping. I would cover shipping...
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    Miscelleny for sale

    Four 5-horse stock carbs... no idea if they're worthy of rebuilds or simply for parts, but pay the shipping and they're yours! Should fit in a medium flat rate box. Used dual valve springs with retainers and (not pictured) keepers... $15. Minibike foot pegs, used, $10. Connecting rod...
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    Raptor gas tank and alky carb

    Carburetor and tank off an alcohol-fed raptor. Carb has filter adapter. $50 shipped.