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  1. Green Jelly

    Wanted: DB30 full brake system

    Hydraulic or stock, leave a message in the thread and ill get back to you, thanks!
  2. Green Jelly

    Green Jelly's New Toy

    Picked this up from my local FFL today: That's how it originally came, but with some elbow grease, and some high temp rated BBQ spray paint you get: One beautiful piece. :D
  3. Green Jelly

    Dog Fence Prank Call

    NSFW language YouTube - Dico - Dog Fence Prank Call This guy "Dico" who does prank calls is hilarious.
  4. Green Jelly

    Commufornia's next move: outlaws large, power-hungry TVs

    California outlaws large, power-hungry TVs : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech What the shit?
  5. Green Jelly

    Explosive Rifle Targets: "Tannerite"

    12lbs of Tannerite (can have up to 50lbs per charge where I live) YouTube - Geo Metro vs. Tannerite. Figured I'd share this with some other hobbyist: Tannerite, it's just ammonium nitrate(Fertilizer), and Aluminum Powder mixed together. Of course if you dont have the means to make it...
  6. Green Jelly

    Pumpkin Pictures

    Lets see 'em! I made the one with the eyebrow, and used cardboard, electrical tape, and some black spray paint to make the hat!
  7. Green Jelly

    Oregon Zombie Bayonet

    Found this on google images. Oh hell yeah Oregon! :thumbsup:
  8. Green Jelly

    SHTF Mini Bike Plan!!

    For those not familiar with "SHTF", it means shit hits the fan. :thumbsup: So, hypothetical for mini bikers: You have 1000 dollars to spend on a SHTF plan. You only have 1000 dollars, and your mini bike(choose which one and why) with a half gallon of fuel in your tank. You can spend the...
  9. Green Jelly

    Cheap Ak-47 WASR-10

    Saw this cheap older WASR-10 on gun broker if anyone is interested looks like a great deal. Was probably originally a single stack low cap, converted to accept high cap 30 rd mags by century arms. $259.00+25.00 is a steal! Romarm WASR-10 7.62x39mm AK-47 w/30 rd clip AK47 : Semi-auto...
  10. Green Jelly

    Clone won't start

    It's just a package 1 clone from nr-racing. It's never been started before. I did a bit of trouble shooting: The plug has spark, a good hot blue one Carb bowl doesn't have water in it Choke is on Kill switch on Fuel line on Gas in carb bowl Mods: Open Element Air Filter...
  11. Green Jelly

    Gun Control Legality

    Watching this video should help you tolerate my thread because the natural "boredness" that is packaged with walls of text. YouTube - Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime Note: Keep in mind I wrote the contents of this thread, for a YouTube video script, which I will be posting up soon, I...
  12. Green Jelly

    Honda/Clone Gas Cap - Low profile

    Looking for the lower profile gas cap, as my genuine honda cap is too large to fit into the frame. I've heard the genuine honda cap seals really well. :smile: I'll trade my cap for your smaller cap!
  13. Green Jelly

    Cheap universal muffler

    Cheapest way to get a universal briggs 5hp muffler online: Cheapest I've seen are at lowes, and they have this wonderful in-store pickup option, no shipping fees! 5 bucks for a muffler!! Briggs & Stratton at Lowe's: Small Engine Muffler
  14. Green Jelly

    DB30 Sprocket Bore

    Hey all, quick question: What's the stock DB sprocket bore? Thanks, Green Jelly.
  15. Green Jelly

    Seattle mini bronc

    (I'm assuming it is infact a mini bronc as the poster says it is) Saw this ad on craigslist, never seen one of these, some bronc enthusiasts might like it. mini bike need gone !!!!
  16. Green Jelly

    Seattle Bonanza

    old school mini bike
  17. Green Jelly

    DB30 Throttle Help!

    Ok, so my lil brother was riding my db, he wrecked it scratched it up, and it yanked the throttle cable out. :sadcrying4: He's alright, just a bit scraped up. :doah: So my cousin and I tried to fix it, and it just didn't seem to be performing as well as before, the throttle was sticky, it...
  18. Green Jelly

    Craigslist Go Kart

    Washington Go Kart/Sandrail Pretty nice setup for 500 bucks.
  19. Green Jelly

    Awesome DB30 Vids

    Some cool videos I found: YouTube - minibikes and the hills YouTube - Wheelie Boy
  20. Green Jelly

    Go Cart Mudding

    I really liked this video, sweet ride, good music, and of course sweet sweet mud. :thumbsup: [YOUTUBE]