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  1. kayde

    Scored a bonanza

    I havent seen many of these around here but when this came up I jumped on it quick with out hesitation. I'm thinking this one moves rite too the front of the project line. Can anyone tell me exactly what my $60 bought me besides a bonanza made in san Jose. Can the bike be dated by the...
  2. kayde

    Not too sure

    If this is a motor swap or if this bike is a true arco. Seems odd there is no front suspension but it has rear sus. Cant say I'm familiar with this style shock or recoil handle. Stoked I found such a complete bike for the price of a happy meal. Anyone date the tec for me.
  3. kayde

    Cool old stickers

    Havent seen these in a long time, figured I would share.
  4. kayde

    Plastic mtd fuel tank

    Is there any other way around these tank grommets. It appears like the seam doesn't let the grommet seal the hole completely and i keep getting a minor drip. I've tried two different brand grommets one was a bit harder than the other they were both new and two different barbs.
  5. kayde

    Mtd 750

    Heres the latest project I brought home a while ago. Found on marketplace the ad only showed a terrible pic of the roller. It was a bit of a ride too the sellers place and my ideas and thoughts for the project were running wild. Upon arrival at the sellers i was surprised to see there was a...
  6. kayde

    Mtd front brake?

    This is a front brake from a 12" wheel mtd. The one brake shoe casting is different from the other at the flat end that contacts the actuator. The difference let's the actuator pivot with no pad movement. Pics show the difference Anyone know if that is correct? I'm I assumeing because...
  7. kayde

    Sebac shocks

    Just wanted too share how I removed the bottom eye on these nasty rusty crusty shocks without any tube damage. I read a bunch on how others tore these down And one of the few tools I dont have is a strap wrench so I had too improvise. I had this old beat up an frayed lift sling laying around...
  8. kayde

    Whirlwind project

    Hey guys it's been awhile but I figured I would share my recent project. For starters I've sold off my rupp scrambler and t555 but still have my super bronc . Sometimes it gets lonely riding alone so when this little ken bar whirlwind roller popped up for sale locally a few weeks ago my best...
  9. kayde

    Tec filler cap/ dipstick

    Anyone know if the plastic top can be removed off this dipstick? The black oil cap has the hole that appears to be the correct size for the stick. I'm guessing the stick is knurled and pressed into the cap Askin before i break it lol
  10. kayde

    Painting a gas tank

    I was lookin for a way too hang and paint my rupp tank and get full coverage even through the tank mount holes. I needed to too spray it outside and move it indoors too dry and do it multiple times between color and clear coats obviously without touching it. One thing ive learned over the...
  11. kayde

    Hs50 head swap questions

    Im thinking on swapping a hs40 head onto a hs50 motor i have installed on my scrambler. Even though it already runs great aren't we always looking for more. Before pulling anything apart i figured i should ask. Does this work? Does the 40 head have a smaller chamber than the 50? Will it...
  12. kayde

    My running derelicts

    Not too often i have a few out at a time figured a few pics were nessacary just too share. None of these are restored or completely original so i dont worry about scratches or getting them dirty as thats how i like too put them together as riders. Of course there are a few others projects in...
  13. kayde

    What is it

    I found a rough almost bare mini frame almost identical to the pic. No idea what it is and would like some info before i pick it up. The upper part of the frame is bolted together by the axle(like the pic) and the lower bolts onto a welded tab at the neck. Thanks for any info
  14. kayde

    Hm 80 recoil

    The hm80 recoil on my super bronc crapped out on me awhile ago. To save the ride that day i found that newer style briggs recoils fit and work rather well. Slightly embrassing and very ugly but it worked. I finally put a oe working tec recoil back on but not before i snapped a pic.
  15. kayde

    Inline brake light switch

    Ive seen two differnt types of these brake switches that slide over the brake cable and are actived by the squeezeing of the cable. Just like the small black switch on my...
  16. kayde

    My 72 scrambler

    Heres is my scrambler i picked up 2 yrs ago. Its been awhile but finally all cleaned up and running now. I need a new belt as this original rupp belt is worn and i dont see any #'s on anymore. The drive system is all oe symeterical rupp stuff. Anyone cross ref rupp belts to another brand...
  17. kayde

    Anyone out riding in the snow?

    My oldest boy took off an came back to say the plowed roads were way too slick too ride that nite. I hopped on and dumped it in my first ten feet in the alley. Got up shook it off and took off for the feilds. Out in the feilds was a blast. The hm80 plowed through the fresh powder as it rolled...
  18. kayde

    Was this a kit or just home brew

    I picked this up about a year ago for the price of a cheap case of beer. The seller had bought a farm and said he found it in the corner of the barn. It certainly looked to have been there for a long while an he wanted nothing to do with it. The whole kart looks like vintage parts and appears...
  19. kayde

    ebrake/parking brake

    Hey guys, My super bronc and my terrain cycle both have a band brakes and they will both stay that way. Few times in the past it wouldve been nice to have a parking/ebrake. I found a vintage looking locking brake lever for the bronc but havent put it on yet. I looked for a while to find two...
  20. kayde

    My terrain cycle

    Hello OldMiniBikes trikers, Im a long time lurker here, only have access through my phone an it seems with OldMiniBikes changes finally let me join here. I call myself a tinker. One evening back in sept i saw this old 3 wheeler on cl i remembered these as a kid but havent seen one in person since. I have kept...