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  1. Droydx

    Tecumseh HS40 .010 over ring set

    Have the piston, need some rings for it. I believe the part number for these is 35548A. Thanks much! Andy
  2. Droydx

    The Blue Devil Whatsit?

    Ive had this one for a while now. It was a good friends build, who passed away and I ended up with it. Any clues as to what it might have started as? I know he did a lot of modifications on it to make it "The Blue Devil"! Thanks
  3. Droydx

    Tires and tubes

    Works if the tubes hold air...and it can still be a bear separating the rims, pulling the rusted on tire beads off the rusted rims....eeegghhh...been there done that with steel wheels. I've had to use a hack saw to cut the old tire in half, then use cut off wheel to cut the steel bead and then...
  4. Droydx

    Cat "All American"

    Yes, Its an "All American" I think marketed by JC Penny's originally. I got this one off a local Craigslist ad for $300. My seat was as in the 3rd picture....all gone except for a chunk of the sissy bar which a kid had welded to the frame. I cut it off and reused what remained on a new seat...
  5. Droydx

    Cat "All American"

    Some little stuff, but mostly done...I'd call it a restomod, because I needed some of its parts for a Hustler project. I used pretty much just extra parts I had in the shed to make a rider. A recycled Tecumseh HS50 pushes it along just fine. I layed up the clutch cover using the Hustler piece...
  6. Droydx

    So what’s everyone using for oil ?

    Any diesel "Delo" rated non synthetic on my old flatheads. Usually 15-40.
  7. Droydx

    Cat Duster Sissy Bar

    Yes, Definitely PM me....I have all the other parts, just need a good seat, sissy bar assembly. Can pay good $ to get this project off my list! Thanks, Andy
  8. Droydx

    Cat Duster Sissy Bar

    Great work!!...I'm about to go down that same road for a Cat Hustler sissy bar....+ I'll have to make a fiberglass seat pan for it too......ugghh. I guess that is the fun part of vintage minibikes?
  9. Droydx

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    Might've been posted already.... love the make it work ethic.
  10. Droydx

    Fun ain't cheap...

    Fun ain't cheap...
  11. Droydx

    Tecumseh Kickstarter Help

    I just went down this road in restoring a Hegar Kickstart. Googling Torsion springs leads you into crazy town trying to spec the right springs, or having to pay big $ to have a run of 100 made by a spring specialty company...haha. Anyway I found these springs on a surplus supply site, and was...
  12. Droydx

    Cat Slingshot Front End

    Cat All American sold by JC Penny has the same front end with one piece forks. Maybe another option if one pops up.
  13. Droydx

    Cat muskin Hustler seat and sissy bar

    Thanks guys for the excellent info. I don't have any illusions about finding an original. It took me about 25 years to find a tank for this roller. Andy
  14. Droydx

    Cat muskin Hustler seat and sissy bar

    Wanted, complete seat assembly and sissy bar. Anybody have a line on these? Thanks, Andy
  15. Droydx

    Cat HPE/Muskin coffin fuel tank !!! L@@k !!!

    txt'd you. Thanks, Andy
  16. Droydx

    I'll take the Cat tank if still available. Thanks! Andy

    I'll take the Cat tank if still available. Thanks! Andy
  17. Droydx

    Fuel gauge gas cap for a Bonanza fiberglass tank

    Been looking for one of these for a while. Basically the last thing I need to complete my 1500SH bike. Does anybody have a line on one, or know which one of the many listed on line would work? Thanks much!! Andy
  18. Droydx

    Jack shaft wanted for bonanza BC

    BMI is where I got mine. I had to buy it extra long, and then cut it to proper length and then machine circlip lands in the ends to make it work like the original...but any machine shop can do that.
  19. Droydx

    20 degree intake adapters

    Got my adapters yesterday. Nice quality work Jamie! Thanks much.
  20. Droydx

    Cat Fuel Tank and...

    Thanks, Ill keep my eyes out. I suppose I could make a tank out of fiberglass (I work with composites) if I could get the dimensions of the stock CAT plastic tank...