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    WLB's Just For Fun 2018 Tote Gote

    I thought I'd use the Build Off as an incentive to build a proper 5 hp Briggs for the Tote Gote. The Honda engine died last summer.
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    The dreaded white siblings--snow and salt-- have arrived

    I woke up to hearing all our cars saying "Nnoooooooooo--not snow and salt again."
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    I should stay warm hunting this year

    I made this blind out of sheets of 1 5/8th inch structural foam with 1/16th sheets of a thermoplastic laminated to both sides. It is rigid enough to walk on supported 4 foot apart. The blind has removable Lexan windows. A 4 by 10 foot piece of this material weighs less than a 4 by 8 piece of...
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    Wish I hadn't seen this and really wish one couldn't bid online. Anyone know what the minibike is at 25R? I would really like to have the HMV Freeway at 52RH. I hope it goes for a crazy high price. I would take that...
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    A trailer for Mr Goat

    I can now go to the farm by myself even if it has recently rained, take the bike off the trailer, hitch the trailer to the bike, load the trailer with whatever, and pull it back to the back areas or the shooting range. I tested the trailer last weekend and pulled all our shooting gear plus my...
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    Back in operation

    It took us close to a year but our CNC turning center and CNC mill are operational again. We looked long and hard for a reasonably priced larger shop but didn't find anything suitable. In the end we tore out the end of our old shop where I had my motorcycle business from 1973 to 1993 and put...
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    Good bike day at the farm

    Yesterday we loaded up Mr Goat, the Tote Gote, and the Heald that my son recently completed and headed to our farm for a family day of some riding, shooting, and road and tree work. The ground was too wet to drive back to the back pond or the shooting range so we parked at the gate, unhitched...
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    WLB's - Sportsman 300 - (Vintage Open)

    I bought this roller at the Portland, Indiana meet in 2013. I've never come across a suitable flathead engine for it so it has just been sitting gathering dust. My son recently sat a late model Briggs OHV engine in it and thought it could be made to work so I thought it would make a good Build...
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    Tecumseh HM100 valve guides

    What's the best solution for repairing worn out valve guides in an HM100? Tecumseh manual calls for reaming the guides to an oversize and using valves with oversize stems. Those valves are no longer obtainable. I could ream out the guides and install sleeves if I could find some readily...
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    Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indy

    Anyone coming to the PRI show in Indy this weekend. If it has to do with racing from the machinery to produce the vehicle and its powerplant to the vehicle to transport it to the race, it will be there. I said last year that it was my last but the memory of the discomfort from all the walking...
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    My son's Heald project

    We bought this pitiful Heald some time ago and my son instantly claimed it. Here it is today. He made new hubs with band brakes, a really heavy duty jackshaft, had a friend sew up an extra soft seat, and made a dash panel that can tell engine rpm, mph, and voltage. Then he...
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    Does this look like the right combination of valve parts

    It has been a year or so since I took this 5 hp flathead apart. Somehow the exhaust spring and rotater ended up mixed with parts from another engine. This is the only combination that looks like it could work but the exhaust spring is quite a bit stiffer than the intake spring. .085 wire...
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    What have I done

    I was messing around on eBay and bid on this fiberglass replica 55 Ford Thunderbird thinking no one would let it go for what I bid. Guess What? I will soon be receiving another car. I kept hoping someone would snipe me because,.While I have always liked the 55 Bird I didn't really need...
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    Any brick masons here

    My son and I have been looking for a larger shop. We found a nice older building in a good location but it has a problem. It is a concrete block building with brick on the two sides that face streets. On one of the sides the bricks have separated from the concrete blocks with about an inch...
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    Ohio Region Crosley meet in Wauseon, Ohio

    My wife had Thursday and Friday off and the annual Ohio region Crosley meet was this this week so we decided to attend. I've been wanting to attend this meet for many years but one thing or another kept me from going. I've always liked the Crosleys, particularly the Hotshot. Like our...
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    What happened to NOS's post about Brexit and the 4th of July

    ?????? Did I miss something?
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    Anyone have an Eastwood 175 MIG welder with spoolgun for aluminum

    I need to do several jobs that require a good bit of aluminum welding and since my older Lincoln MIG won't take a spool gun I was going to trade it in for a newer model. I happened to see an ad for the Eastwood 175 MIG that came with a spoolgun at a price that was lower than what the difference...
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    The Elio is in Indiana this weekend

    The Elio is on display at the Greenwood Mall just south of Indianapolis this weekend. We went down last night to check it out. I have wanted one since I first saw them but since I had to sell the race car and the Starfire because I couldn't get in them without great discomfort I had...
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    This one won't rust

    My son's been talking about doing this for several years and last month he finally ordered the fiberglass Jeep tub. We picked it up yesterday at the ABF trucking docks. Its the extra heavy duty model from Shell Valley. Besides the normal kevlar reinforcements at stress points it has an extra...
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    Won't be using these for a while

    Haven't been doing much with the minibikes for the last several months except using Mr Goat where needed. The shop that my friend rented where we kept our CNC mill and turning center was put up for sale last fall so I knew the day would come when everything would have to be moved. My friend...