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    Not to be outdone (Strigoi)

    This is our new addition.
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    Has anyone tried this outfit?
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    Decal Source This party seems to be able to do many different decals including Bug. I haven't tried them yet. I asked someone who had a large Bug Banner on the ground in front of his collection at some show...
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    AWWW GEEZ, Not Russell

    I think I'm going to throw-up!!!
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    For All You Dog Lovers

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    Harbor Freight

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any existing 20% coupons or upcoming sales that might apply to their motorcycle lift. Any help would be appreciated. I hate to go in and pay full price and then a week later you the same item at a big discount. Thanks, Fred
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    I am wanting to start selling some of my collection. I took some pics for a member on here and was able to upload them. First try at sending them via PM failed. I could move a copy to the pm but it would not stick. So I figured the size was too large and I used a microsoft tool to reduce...
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    Me and the Mrs. said

    Good bye today to our 10 yr.old Great Dane Lillie. If you look at my avatar, Gunner was Lillies main squeeze. Man, it hurts when their time comes.
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    Motorcycle Lift

    I am thinking about getting a Harbor Freight Lift and am looking for input. In the past, they always appeared to not be high enough to help my stodgy back. But after watching a few YouTube videos, they actually look like they might work for me. Anyone with lower back issues that has one of...
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    Have a Piece History or Just foegettabout It.
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    This is interesting.
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    This is what I did on my lunch break.

    Restoration OldKAWASAKI| Restored Two-stroke Rebel engine USA #rebel2r 3 - YouTube
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    Funny (bad word warning) Funny but does have foul language
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    Picked this up, very interesting

    It has a sweet little B&S 5HP that started right up. Anyone know anything about it?
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    Tires for MustangFrank 20201020_012238.jpg 20201020_012221.jpg
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    Normally don't like crotch rockets but this one's kinda cool
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    Tires on a Super Bronc

    So I am giving my VT8-12 to my Daughter-in-law for weekend camping trips. While cleaning it up and making it pretty, I noticed a lot of weather checking on the tires. With the original Carlisle tires the bike is a bit jiggy to ride. Does anyone have experience with maybe thinner, taller tires...
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    Good Info For Getting Your Nuts Off.

    Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail? - YouTube
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    They Call Him Speedy for Short But Not For Long

    180hp R1 Go Kart Passes a Cop and runs away(131mph) - YouTube
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    Happy New Year To All You Mini Bike Nuts!!

    Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020. TAKE THAT COVID AND SHOVE. Live long prosper, Friends.