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  1. relicracing

    Rupp Kart Roller $250

    Bump. $175/trade for mini stuff
  2. relicracing

    KOL/Li'l Aggie Parts

    Mine had none with the smaller, non original, tires that were on it. I had to space it 1/8”, outboard, to clear the sidewall of the larger Coker tires. My original issue was that the sprocket wasn’t much smaller than the OD of the tire, leaving minimal ground clearance for the chain.
  3. relicracing

    KOL/Li'l Aggie Parts

  4. relicracing

    Anybody Know?

    Saw that at the Dixon meet, as well. I shoulda’ just asked the vendor, but was overwhelmed with all the cool old motorcycles. I’ll be watching for responses. What’s up Joe?
  5. relicracing

    KOL/Li'l Aggie Parts

    I’m sorry, I have not. Not sure how I missed your reply. I’ll get them to you.
  6. relicracing

    Honda "kick n go"

    That’s cool. I used to come across these pretty regularly at the MC swap meets. They had a one-way bearing in the rear wheel that was the deal maker/breaker. Not cost effective, to replace. They made a Kick-N-Go II, as I remember, as well.
  7. relicracing

    KOL/Li'l Aggie Parts

    I have this Aggie bike I can measure tomorrow, if it’s similar to what you have.
  8. relicracing

    $250 Suzuki JR50 that I have on FB Marketplace

    Vintage Minibike parts welcome in trade. Posted a screenshot of the listing as I don’t know how to post the link. Thanks.
  9. relicracing

    Rupp Kart Roller $250

    Bump. Trades?
  10. relicracing

    Mikuni VM22 Set up for Briggs Flathead

    Sorry, for not updating, but I‘ve gotten past that obstacle. Found the parts separately. I bored out and matched up the ports of a shiny billet manifold meant for a VM20, shaved the mounting flange for a more vertical position then blasted it, for a cast appearance. A few things are left to do...
  11. relicracing

    Adran Trials Tire 12.5X6

    In need of the above tire. Member Markus was selling one a while back, before I knew it’s what I needed for an Arco, that I’m building. I’ve attached his old ad, for descriptive purpose, only. HIS HAVE BEEN SOLD. (Hope you don’t mind, Markus). I will pick it up if within driving distance of NJ...
  12. relicracing

    Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

    Not going this year. Going to watch Dead & Co & visit my daughter in CA, for Father’s Day, that week. Have a favor to ask, though. I’ve been holding a bare, Rupp minicycle frame for almost a year, to give to a guy up on the hill. Anyone willing to bring this gift up, for me? I can bring it to...
  13. relicracing

    Restoration of Broncco TX-1L Completed

    Very nice! What is the silver, cylindrical thing above the carburetor? Battery box? Nice job.
  14. relicracing

    Rupp Kart Roller $250

    Had this at the recent Perkiomen Meet, where it was identified as a Rupp frame for a bodied kart. The internet has photos of a Gremlin body kart that looks like it, minus the grated side floors. The body mount “roll bars“ are missing but you can see where they were. Floor needs replacing but the...
  15. relicracing

    Mini bike interview from my friends at GPS

    Well done! Great interview & collection. I was looking through that pile of minis, towards the end, as I bought a Bonanza roller from Oliver at last year’s Oley AMCA meet. He was not exaggerating when he said it was from a recent, large purchase! Great resources and minibike friends nearby...
  16. relicracing

    Homelite Trail King Clutch and trans

    I have a running/riding one with a copper colored B&S motor that is not original(?). I‘ll take/post pictures today, if someone doesn’t help out beforehand. I don’t want to offer anything from memory as I rarely get the shift lever position correct when riding, and there’s only two.
  17. relicracing

    Fresh HS50

  18. relicracing

    Possible Speedway Silver Shadow Seat Pan?

    Sorry, “Ding Ding”. I just saw this, today, while searching my posts, for something. The pan was id’d as one, by a member who knows what he’s talking about it. Although it looked perfect on the lightweight motorcycle I was building, it was sold to him because that’s what it was meant for.
  19. relicracing

    Vw baja bug kart

    I love it! Sorry to sound like a FB’er but wanted to share a Full sized Baja Buggy story, this reminded me of. ”Back in the day” I used to cover my stinger with a coffee can to keep rain out of it, when parked. One day after parking and installing the can, the percolating carburetor...