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  1. TheRedNova

    Anybody in NC

    Anybody out hee in NC located in charlotte or matthews?? Getting ready to build a mini bike and was seeing if anybody out here wants to ride?? :scooter: :confused: Also are there any swap meets or anything out here mini bike related? Thanks
  2. TheRedNova

    Honda clone....

    Okay, I just picked up a hinda clone at harbor freight for $89 on sale.... I have a few questions for MDB. MDB, I cant afford a cam right now but what other thing can I do? Port,Big valves, carb,billet rod, rockers from you.... Now what about pushrods? Do you sell any? Or they are just not...
  3. TheRedNova

    Smog pump...

    Anybody ever tried a smogpump supercharger? I have a few of old smog pumps laying around and dont really have a use for them..... I was wondering if you can do it with any gain? I found one on ebay that is just like the one I have but the bad parts is what do the 2 outlets go to? I know the one...
  4. TheRedNova

    1968 taco parts wanted.

    Hello, does aybody possibly have any 1968 taco parts? I am looking for the forks and scrub brake. Thanks
  5. TheRedNova

    First mini!

    Well i have been talking about getting this mini for awhile. I bartered with the guy forever and finally got it for $25. Well I want to use a scrub brake anybody got any Ideas on how to make one?
  6. TheRedNova

    Lawn mower.

    I thought I would just share with you guys what I mess around with in my spare time. (clickable thumbnail) I am using a 6 inch pulley on the front and a 3 inch on the back. the motor was a 10 hp 22 cid until I put a 11 hp 25 cid crank in it and then used a 12 hp billet rod made by arc...
  7. TheRedNova

    wanted Mini bike

    Hey guys, I am looking for a mini bike with a foot brake. all i need is a frame nothing else. Loking for something cheap doesnt need to have a paint job primer will be fine. Thanks, Taylor
  8. TheRedNova

    10 hp kohler

    Has anybody ever thoguh of using a 10 hp kohler that is fully modded? I know my feinds tracor pulling engine is bringing out about 52 hp (that has been dynoed) Also his dad is a professinal kohler engine builder. heres a link to pulling parts Engine-...
  9. TheRedNova

    Tillotson carb tuning

    I have heard alot of stuff about tilly carbs that if you dont know what you are doing tuning wise you shouldnt mess with them. Is it trully that hard to tune the carb? I was thinking of using a 360 gas tillotson for my 5 hp briggs that will have a 233-ss dyno cam. Is there any tricks to this...
  10. TheRedNova

    Is it worth it??

    hello everyone, I came across this mini bike on craigs list. I dont even know what it is or if those handle bars belong there. I emailed the guy and he said he will take $75 for it. So do you think I should go for it? Thanks
  11. TheRedNova

    Scrub brakes?

    Hello everyone, I have seen some discussuion on the forum about scrub brakes. This question may sound stupid but.. What are they? I knwo there brakes but what kind. Are they just the band brakes like on go-karts? If so does anyone have a picture of this setup? Thanks
  12. TheRedNova

    mini bike frame~wanted

    hello everyone, I am in the need of a mini bike frame. I dont need a motor or anything on it. Just a plain frame... Looking for something realtively cheap being i am going to chop it up..... It doesnt need to have paint on it or need paint. Doesnt have to have foot pegs... Any one with a...
  13. TheRedNova


    Hello, I just want to introduce myself and ask a few question. My name is Taylor I am 14 years old. When I came across this site I got into mini bikes. I saw a few people making custom mini bikes and maybe wanted to attempt to make one of my own if I can not seem to find one. Sice I would be...