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  1. spencertrax

    My windber 2017 project

    While it's not really a minibike I did get it in Windber and it's pretty small. AMF Roadmaster xl moped. Was seized but since I got it home I've got it unstuck and it does have fire. Unfortunately it did have water inside at some point so both connecting rod bearings were very rusty. New ones...
  2. spencertrax

    2016 build off , Kawaski MT1B restomod. Just for fun! class

    My entry for this year, hopefully will provide me with the motivation to keep at the project. It's a 74 Kawaski mt1b I picked up last summer as a winter project. Got a good deal on a parts lot shortly after I got the bike so I have a pretty good inventory of parts to get started. Won't be a...
  3. spencertrax

    1/2 a mini bike?

    Just saw this on an air cooled motorcycle Facebook group. Pretty neat old piece.
  4. spencertrax

    KV75, my first real mini bike.

    Well I picked up my first mini bike tonight. After two trips to windber and using my brothers bikes(BigRob) I finally picked up a project its a Kawaski KV75 I think it's a 74 from what I have seen on the old intrweb. Robert and I picked it up after work tonight. He had it running within 10...
  5. spencertrax

    Thanks BigRob!

    Big little brother came out and got my 66 CT200 trail 90 going. Had to rebuild it this winter replacing a broken crank shaft. Finally got it back together yesterday. Fortunately he was able to come and spend a couple of hours on it, adjusting timing etc! Thanks again...
  6. spencertrax

    Honda CT90 Parts

    Hi Guys , looking for misc. late model CT90 parts. Picked up a 79 that needs lots of stuff. I am going to Windber with my brother BigRob this year so if anyone has anyhting let me know. Thanks Jay
  7. spencertrax

    New project, almost a minibike

    Hi guys/gals As BIGROBs older brother I have been lurking on here watching his builds, when I don't get over to see them live. After some prodding from him and Ron I got my self a project bike, while its not really a mini bike it kind of brushes the edge. Its a 1968 or maybe 66 Honda CT90...