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  1. no13

    Tote... LOL

    Howdy, living in the land of Utah... I've run across this. Am I right in this one being a 1959?
  2. no13

    ID please

    Hi, A friend gave me this Tec. I didn't get the numbers and it'll be at my place in a day or so. He claims it's a 5hp and came from an older wood chipper. Can any of the gurus here tell me by just a picture what hp it might be, possibly a year too? I know I know, I'm sure I could wait &...
  3. no13

    Dumb question

    Hi, Was the flo jet carb from a 5HP briggs the same as the 3hp one here? Thanks for your time.
  4. no13

    WTB - Briggs 5HP with Updraft carb

    Hi, I'm looking for a Briggs 5hp with the Updraft carb in usable condition for a project of mine. I've attached a pic of one I have, and a pic of the project. (slightly photoshopped) Willing to go up to 100 bucks for it. Thanks for looking. Kelly "Kart Rods" Wood
  5. no13

    New but not new

    Hi, I'm Kelly. I've been here for a while and did one mini bike long ago but since then I've gotten into something else. What is that you ask? The Custom Hot Rod Go kart arena. Anyway, here's a few photos of what I do with nothing but parts & spare stuff. Thanks for looking. Kelly "Kart...
  6. no13

    What is it?

    What is this? I got it for the motor for another project and wanted to know what this was.
  7. no13

    Wanted - Manco wheels

    I'm looking for some of the 5" (with 5/8 bearing) and the 6" ones with 1" hole & 1/4" keyway. If anyone hears of them or has some, I'd be willing to snag them for a project. Thanks for looking. Kelly:out:
  8. no13

    Newbie here with a runner now

    Hi, new here. I picked up what I believe is a Bird in a local classified: Part II. It ran but would not rev to save itself. I played with the carb & got it running right, put a usable filter on it because the old one looked like MUD and just came apart in my fingers. Can you...
  9. no13


    Hi, I'm new. Recently getting into 4cycle engines a lot as well as racing go karts with my 11 yr old daughter, I decided to buy a mini-bike. I've always wanted one and today,one popped up. I don't know what it is, but it looks a bit older and in running shape. Anyway, hello. I'll...