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  1. Davis

    Thanks buddy.

    Member @ZR9B hooked me up with this snoscoot sticker for free.Sure looks good on there buddy. Thanks again. Sure are great people on this site.
  2. Davis

    Could be cool
  3. Davis

    Here’s another with some sweet fenders
  4. Davis

    Mini gote maiden voyage

    I built this bike for my daughter when she was three. I’ve asked her many times if she wanted to ride it. All she ever said was that she didn’t want to scratch it. Today finally she said I wanna ride it. So I put oil in the nos motor and aired the tires and filled it up with gas. Three pulls and...
  5. Davis

    New ride model #530 tote gote

    Long story short this bike was sold to me for my uncle from @Richard Trotter. He came over the other day and asked if I wanted it back. I took it back and serviced it with a new belt sparkplug oil change air filter. And a wash job. This bike is all original and untouched. Motor is original 1969...
  6. Davis

    Hilliard clutch float

    Are the Hilliard flame clutches with bully bearing conversion supposed to be tight with zero side to side or float some.
  7. Davis

    Way cool bike.
  8. Davis

    Swing bike

    Any of you guys play with these things? I just bought this one and am looking for a original chain guard.
  9. Davis

    Nice fox survivor
  10. Davis

    Another one maybe efenel?
  11. Davis

    Rare briggs

    We have a ton of Briggs motors of all sorts from 3-8hp and many years between. I’m wondering what ones are mini bike specific as far as hp and years.
  12. Davis

    Lil Indian spitfire

    Nice little bike. Fresh hs40 new paint and seat. Chrome is original and cleaned up decent. Original tires in good shape. $900 obo
  13. Davis

    PMs getting locked

    Has anyone ever had a problem with your pm conversations getting locked?
  14. Davis

    Tote gote 414 for Ralph

    Here we go again with this bike. I entered it two years ago and didn’t get very far after sand blasting. As some of you may know Ralph Bonham passed away recently. And this bike is one of the models that he invented.
  15. Davis

    Any ideas on this one
  16. Davis

    Rlv gold stretching

    I put a predator 212 in my kids mini snowmobile last year. All was well last year and yesterday it threw a chain. After further inspection the chain in less than a two foot length has stretched over half an inch. Killed the rear sprocket etc. do they make a stronger #35 chain than rlv gold on gold?
  17. Davis

    Not a bad deal
  18. Davis

    Nice one.
  19. Davis

    Why is it?

    I read everything on this site and it always seems that 99% of everyone posting speeds or how a bike runs is over 250 pounds. I am in this category and thought I was a anomaly but apparently not. Is this just a huge kid sport?
  20. Davis

    This is why you use billet rods

    This was a brand new Honda gx200 that left the building at 6200rpm. It ruined a brand new Hilliard flame clutch and split the top of the block. Also ruined a new arc billet flywheel. So to all you guys pulling the governor outta your motors and thinking it’ll be fine without the proper...