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  1. TheRedNova

    Building a mini from scratch

    Great Job on the mini! Its a work of art! Question, What are your brake pads made out of? The look to be peices of metal?? TRN
  2. TheRedNova

    riding lawnmower please help

    Hey austin I have done a few of them here and there for a few guys... I use to race up there at lancaster speedway and then just got tired of driving and waiting for a couple of hours to race at midnight.... I ran alky through my motor and it was a screamer....
  3. TheRedNova

    Anybody in NC

    Anybody out hee in NC located in charlotte or matthews?? Getting ready to build a mini bike and was seeing if anybody out here wants to ride?? :scooter: :confused: Also are there any swap meets or anything out here mini bike related? Thanks
  4. TheRedNova

    Mini Moto Cannonball Run! S.F.V.I.S.B.F. Style

    Hey you guys need to bring these runs out here to NC... Most boring state in the country!!! LOL, but yeah I need someone else to ride with I am gettin bored out here!! :scared:
  5. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    yeah I will post the link! TRN Video of SG Live - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  6. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    Yeah I know hes pretty good... well Hes or Superman!!! HAHA did you see the video of him wearing the superman cape??? TRN
  7. TheRedNova

    Fast and feasible although I would not do it.

    yeah I thing I would put a bigger mac on it... man I wish they still made performance parts for the Macs.... Those would great motors for minis....
  8. TheRedNova

    Fast and feasible although I would not do it.

    Hey nice mini is that yours? TRN
  9. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    I want to... I live over in North Carolina not for form his shop in tennesse... about a 4 hour drive...
  10. TheRedNova

    Fast and feasible although I would not do it.

    speaking of 2 cycle engines... Has anyone ever tries a mcculloch 2 cycle engine? I dont think performance parts are made for them anymore but my dad has a freind who use to race them and he told he would spin that little engine 18,000 - 20,000 rpm... with that kinda of power the would make one...
  11. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    Your right it is but dont look to beat him with a opposed twin he will scalp you bald with his thunder twin the big TECUMSEH 20 hp V-TWIN/ INDIAN with the isky cam...
  12. TheRedNova

    I want to make a frame building jig

    Yeah mine will bring up another web page but wont load whats on it.. :(
  13. TheRedNova

    Honda clone....

    Okay, I just picked up a hinda clone at harbor freight for $89 on sale.... I have a few questions for MDB. MDB, I cant afford a cam right now but what other thing can I do? Port,Big valves, carb,billet rod, rockers from you.... Now what about pushrods? Do you sell any? Or they are just not...
  14. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    Yeah no problem but also dont forget this to.... When you get a 18 and you use 16 rods and so on.... Bore that motor out .30 over because of this... The stroke is the same as a 12 hp--3.06 The bore is the same as a 12 hp---3.44 ~~ But with is bored .30 over you have a bore of 3.74 Now you...
  15. TheRedNova

    Smog pump...

    65shelby, I was thinking on drive ratio, and woudnt 1:1 be the best to get the most boost? Any ideas on what size sprockets I should run like 10 on the motor and 5 on the pump for example? Also what size carb should I run? I am going maybe to get a mikuni off of ebay... Should I use a electric...
  16. TheRedNova

    Smog pump...

    Oldsalt im not sure what you mean? Do you mean how many rpm will the motor spin?
  17. TheRedNova

    Advance keys

    Okay yeah, Call EC Dist here there website~~ index there website is not up yet so just call and ask to talk to someone about geting some off-set keys... They can guide you in the right direction from there... TRN
  18. TheRedNova

    Smog pump...

    Well I am going to try putting the carb in front of the pump so the pmup will have to pump the fuel air into the intake I make for it....
  19. TheRedNova

    My USLMRA race mowers

    Yup thats me!!! trying to finish this that project up so i can get started on my min bike for OldMiniBikes BUILD OFF.... TRN
  20. TheRedNova

    My c/p race race mower build

    Dont race much but have run with some guys in lancaster motor speedway , Kinda of a outlaw group but a good group of guys.... I ran a opposed twin one year it is bad-A** flew like hell..... O for crank trigger ignition here what I came up with~~ But heres th epart you can get form...