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    montgomery 8 hp go kart

    hello all, when my two brothers & myself were much younger , we bought a montgomery ward 8 hp go kart right out of there book , throttle & brake were on steering t handle anyone know the one i am talking about i cant seem to locate any pics / any help would be great !! bobby
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    old fat rear tire bikes heath kit, etc, colors

    hello all, the second minibike of my childhood had a fat rear tire and was in like an emerald green color did any of the bikes that had the large rear tire come in that color ??
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    had the bike running yesterrday !! then ?? 1969 taco 44

    hello all, had the bike all up & running yesterday took it for a few rides then we lost the master link on the chain from the motor to the jack shaft so that ended the fun, i noticed today that the jack shaft has walked itself flush on one side so sprockets are all out of wack just...
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    do Heathkit Boonie bikes come up for sale or ??

    hello all, do Heathkit Boonie bikes come up for sale ?? or are the hard to find ??
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    briggs & stratton blower cover with very good pull start for my 69 3 hp b&s

    hello all, anyone have a blower cover with a very good pull start for my 1969 briggs & stratton 3 hp ?? let me know and thanks
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    throttle cable 1969 taco 3 hp briggs & stratton

    hello all, i need a throttle cable , 1969 taco 44 orig throttle cable is no good , it has a small round ball on the end were it goes into throttle were can i get one that will fit ?? thanks bobby
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    1969 taco 44 questions and need help so please read

    hello all, i have gotten all the parts and hope to my 1969 taco 44 back together starting tomm, my questions are the wheel extenders ( frame extenders) do the go inside the frame or outside ?? bolts facing in ?? or facing out ?? new bolt for front tire and new spacers should...
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    is there any value 1969 orig taco 44 tires??

    hello all, is there any value to 1969 taco 44 tires ?? i have mine they are dried out just curious if there is any value to them ?? thanks bobby
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    old fat rear tire minibike

    hello all, i remember sometime in the 70's a kid had a green minibike with a wide rear tire was there a company that made them ?? just curious thanks bobby
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    1969 tacio rims

    hello all, anyone have a nice set of stock rims for sale looking for a set for my 1969 taco , hoping to find a set that needs no work thanks bobby
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    1969 taco brake question

    hello all, i am redoing my 1969 taco from the ground up i have a new set of rims for it well they are three bolt not 4 bolt like old ones , so today i got new sprocket bolts right up my problem is my bendix brakes dont fit in they are just a little to big anyone ever have this problem...
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    who is the guru of taco minibikes ??

    hello all, who is the guru of taco minibikes , any email to get a hold of them ?? let me know thanks bobby
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    1969 taco nuts & bolts

    hello all, anyone know where i can get new nuts & bolts that hold the shocks on and a new bolt & nut to hold the fork to the frame and new front nut & bolt ( axel) for the front tire ?? cant find crap at hardware stores anyone know of anywhere to get them let me know thanks bobby
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    1969 taco shocks

    hello all, does anyone know where i get get a pair of 1969 taco shocks black with the chrome around it ?? let me know thanks bobby
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    1969 briggs & stratton parts needed

    hello all, i am trying to rebuild a 1969 taco it has a briggs & stratton 3 hp i am looking for the carb part number 393977 and the 3 quart tank any help would be great !! i check ebay & craigslist everyday
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    predator 3 hp 79cc clutch quesstion

    hello all, i have bought a new 3 hp 79cc predator engine from harbor freight it says the pto shaft is 5/8 what size clutch do i need to order for it ?? i have a 5/8 one here but that doesnt fit
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    1968 3 hp off my taco minibike

    hello all, i am looking for a carb for a 1968 briggs&stratton the motor is on my taco minibike any help would be great thanks bobby