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    WANTED Cat Handle Bars

    I'm in need of the bars to fit a 400x. No cracks or breaks.
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    My First Restoration (CAT 400x i think)

    There's so much good stuff on this forum that I wanted to see if I could contribute. So, here is what I've done so far. This would not be possible without the help I've received from a bunch of you. Here's how I bought 'er: I responded to an ad on Craig's List which was for a...
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    Need Help With a Cat Minibike

    i am restoring my first minibike which is some kind of cat. the problem i'm having is with the shock absorber assembly on the fork-- this is the one with the small absorber in the middle of the fork. when i disassembled it, i wasn't paying attention to the way it was put together. after it...
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    Chopper Thing

    Does anyone know what this is? it has a frankenstiened fork judging from the unfinished weld mating it to the frame. it's also for sale.