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    Restoring and repainting fairings on motorcycle

    Not exactly mini bike themed, that's why its in off topic, but I know you guys take your builds serious, and know your stuff. I don't have a hvlp gun, or a primer gun, nor money to either acquire said tools, or pay for a pro spary. However, I am good with a rattle can....that said has...
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    Local rides and or clubs

    I was simply wanting to know if there was anyone in Kentucky that knows of MB clubs or events?
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    Would this count as a mini?

    I have in my possession one of the coolest yet ugliest bikes I have ever seen, the 86 Honda Helix CN250. It's a vertical water cooled four stroke 250 CVT driven. I honestly don't care fore the dated look, so I am considering either modding it's current frame ( to keep the VIN) or building a...
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    Looking for a long lost friend. Or at least a clone!

    Hey all. My first post to this forum. I am looking for a mini bike like my very first bike. It was a two stroke, two speed commercial built bike. 6-8 inch wheels chain drive automatic. The only thing I remember, other than how much fun this thing was is the name stamped on the points side of the...