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  1. bfrack

    Trailmate coming along nicely!

    This was just before my test run. She ran like a champ. The last step is painting, fenders, and figuring out brakes on this beast. Anyone have any suggestions for brakes?
  2. bfrack

    torque a verter/centrifugal clutch

    So I am having a hard time trying to fix the old tranny that came with the mini bike I have as my avatar picture which is an old trailmate I am bring back to life. If I just used a torque a verter or a centrifugal clutch would it produce the same results? And if so what speeds would it reach...
  3. bfrack

    does anyone know what this is?

    I am wanting to rebuild this but dont know what it was called so I dont know where to start. Can anyone help?