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    First attempt at porting.

    I have decided to jump into the world of porting. I have started with removing the sharper corners and around the valve guides How much more can I take out before I lose too much bottom end? Please be gentle it's my first attempt. I still have to finish them off I just want to know if I...
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    Is the belt too tight?

    As the title suggests I have purchased a Chinese torque converter and the belt seems fairly tight. It's hard to push the kart around with the belt attached. As you can see it is giving the Bush a hiding and that's only after about 15 minutes of riding.
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    How far up/down the drivers does your torque converter belt go?

    As the title says how far up/down does your belt go? I took mine for a run on Sunday and the belt only seems to go roughly 3/4 of its travel. But man I love its take off now. It'll do a wheel stand if it gets enough grip :laugh: But it only revs out to 3000 and doesn't use the full travel of...
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    Torque converter instale. Gearing questions

    Hi OldMiniBikes. I just purchased a tav 30 Chinese copy with a 10 tooth sprocket. For my off road go kart. So at the moment my gear ratio is 4.8:1(10 drive sprocket and a 48 wheel sprocket) with a 13" tire. Driver and kart weighs roughly 370ish lb. At the moment on hard ground it hits the 4500 max...
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    Exhaust upgrade????

    Hi guys. When I purchased my Chinese go kart they threw in an upgraded exhaust. Straight out of the box I thought jeez the header is so much smaller than the exhaust port. I thought the factory one must be really restrictive. As you can see in the photos the exhaust port is 26mm/ 1 inch...
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    New here, from down under

    Hi guys, I'd thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from the land down under Australia. I purchased a Chinese off road go kart with a 6.5hp Honda clone engine. Do you guys get these in the US? Just started playing with a few things on it like governor and exhaust. Thanks Neil