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    Baja Warrior lighting coil wiring help please.

    Hey all, it's been awhile! I took the lighting coils off an older clone, and put them on a predator 212. I also swapped out the flywheel from the same engine. I took the two wires from the coils and plugged them into the connectors for the headlight. When I hit the headlight switch, the light...

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Screw you guys! OldMiniBikes 2 Baja tires $148. $139 shipping For two Farkin' tires, are you shltting me? Walmart: Same 2 tires $105.67 Shipping? FREE!!!!! Talk about hungry. Glad I didn't want two day, or heaven forbid overnight from OldMiniBikes. Thieving bastards! Walmart

    Guest appearance

    Charles messaged me, and reminded me how lax I've been in posting. Obviously I'm still alive. Still love my Baja's (3) and they all get ridden almost daily. Much has gone on in life, too much to go on about, but currently I am in the process of building an addition to my home. It will most...

    Another mini bike and dogs movie!


    BBQJoe's Baja fork suspension mod

    This mod changed up the whole ride. Granted, I have at least 2000 miles on this mini, and the suspension is a bit tired. Here what I did. Part OMB_9125 from the warehouse. $15.99 Taking the forks off can be done inside of about 2 minutes. Loosen the front axle and remove that and the...

    Baja front suspension replacement???

    Ok. There's so many of these mini's out there, certainly by now someone has found new shocks or tubes to replace these with. I've got over 2000 miles on mine, and the shocks are about toast. I ordered new seals, just in case they can be replaced, but I can't believe that Baja designed a...

    Venturing into Duromax electric start 7hp

    I just found a new Baja Warrior. The guy bought it, thought he would use it, and didn't. It has but a couple hours on it, then sat in his garage, until he sold it to me. It looks showroom. I bought it for my wife, and passed hers on down to my daughter. My wife has been having shoulder...

    Predator/clone crankshafts

    Has anyone tried swapping a predator crank into a jingjangdong? The 2015 series clone on a Baja doesn't have a tapped crank for a TC, whereas the predator does. I could try tapping it myself, but the odds of a screw up are possibly high without a drill press. I know there's a work around using...

    Baja with predator-Vibrations

    Everything is tight. No broken welds or cracks in the frame. The engine has probably 200 hours on it, and many miles without any major mods, except straight pipe. For awhile there has been a vibration. It doesn't do it under acceleration. It doesn't do it when coasting, but does it...
  10. BBQJOE

    Another Mini bike ride video, Great music.

    Grab a brew, take in the view!
  11. BBQJOE

    Help!!! Engine starts when I pull cord.

    Almost every time! I just don't get it. Please help. Maybe I should jack with the carb?
  12. BBQJOE

    I don't want a pickle .....

    I just wanna ride on my motorsickle. Just picked this up two weeks ago. Already put 1200 mi on it. I've got a fever, and it ain't more cowbell.
  13. BBQJOE

    To dream the impossible dream.

    They're not that rare! $1200?
  14. BBQJOE

    Which one should I get?

    I have no idea about these things.
  15. BBQJOE

    TC weights

    When the raised area on the weights are worn off, are the weights done?
  16. BBQJOE

    Flat tires

    Nothing much worse than being out in the woods or desert, and getting a flat tire. Here's one I read about somewhere, and was wondering if anyone had tried it. This is for a new/good tire. Before setting the bead, you take a garden hose and feed in as much of it as you possibly can, coiling it...
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    Rota-Derps on sale!!!
  18. BBQJOE

    1962 Fuji Go Devil

    Pretty cool and unique. It's Not for me though.
  19. BBQJOE

    ManCard upgrade

    How many of these does a guy need to own to get the platinum upgrade?