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    1969 Rupp Roadster rear rim repair

    Say it 5x fast :-) I searched for a while to find a similar post, but no luck. Don't flame me if it's out there, just share the link here. Son and I restored my childhood Roadster a few years back. With use, a few of the bolt stanchions for the rear wheel sprocket have stripped out. Since I'm...
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    Artsy photos by my son. 1969 Rupp

    Posted these in photos section, but not sure if that's just a storage spot. Anyway, here are two shots my 12 y.o. son took of the Rupp he's been riding since we completed the restoration this spring. Based on a bunch of other shots he's done, I think he may have an eye for photography...
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    '69 Roadster jackshaft clutch noise and shift point

    Two part question: Can the brass bushing on the jackshaft clutch be replaced, or should I just be looking for a new clutch? I ask because after putting this project back together, the clutch bell makes the same noise when freewheeling that it did when I was a kid (it sounds like it spins to the...
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    Predator 212 intermittent spark?

    I went through three pages of posts (plus a forum search) and didn't see this topic, but please feel free to tell me if this has been covered elsewhere. Brand new Predator 212 mounted and ran for about 45 min. to an hour. Max speed set to about 6MPH so it can break in gently. Motor is mounted...
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    '69 Rupp Roadster back from the dead.

    MANY years ago I bought a used Rupp from a friend. Rode it a bit, but it went into storage in a crawlspace and was forgotten (I was told some years back it had been left curbside for garbage). On a trip to the homestead, I looked in the crawlspace and lo and behold, it was still there. With...
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    Engine mount spacer & rubber isolation. '69 Rupp Roadtser

    And, the project gets closer to completion, due in good part to the help and info from members of this forum. My son and I are down to the point of mounting the Predator 212 as a retrofit for the original H50 on this bike. Based on the mock-up, we have to raise the front of the motor by 10mm...
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    WTH is this thing?

    Looks like the Buttcycle. Nice papier mache body kit!
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    Are crankshaft adapters viable for a clutch?

    I have a Predator with the 3/4" shaft and a dual-sprocket clutch setup that is for a 7/8" shaft. Would an adapter sleeve work for this, or would I just be creating a time bomb? If it matters, the clutch is from a 1969 Rupp with the two-speed jackshaft. 'Hoping to avoid spending $$ (as...
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    69 Rupp Roadster wheel spacers

    My apologies if this has been covered before, but my search results are far too broad. Rebuilding a Roadster with my son. Every single part that came off during disassembly is present and accounted for. I have two wheel spacers/tubes, but I think I see a total of 4 in the fuzzy print copy I...
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    '69 Rupp Roadster Torrington Bearing?

    Little by little, my son and I are getting all the parts together and cleaning up those that can be reused for our low-budget restoration. When we disassembled it, the sprocket with the one-way bearing was seized to the jackshaft and got torn up. Of course, the lip of the bearing where the...
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    69 Rupp Roadster chain advice

    Hi all. After doing a search for "Rupp chain", I've looked through about 30 posts and can't find what I'm looking for. My son and I are restoring a Roadster I had as a kid. It's currently a basket case and I'm trying to buy up all the parts we'll need to put it together when the ice melts...
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    1969 Roadster color

    Can anyone tell me what the official green color of a 1969 roadster would be? I'll be getting my frame back form the sandblaster soon and want to get as close to the original color as possible when it comes time to spray it. I've seen a number of pictures on the web, but they all seem to be...
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    1969 Rupp Roadster Brakes

    I've been trying to gather info on the brakes (especially front) for this Roadster, knowing that parts are unobtainium and hoping to see other solutions that might be out there. When I use the search engine, I get a "million" hits that include anything that has to do with any Rupp or nay brakes...
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    Rupp Trials tires dimensions ca. 1969

    I got off to a false start and made a thread looking for TT500 tires info. I have since learned I have a Roadster and not a TT500. I have Googled the dingle out of it, but cannot find any info that gives the actual dimension of the original trials tires (overall diameter, rim diameter, true...
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    1969 TT500 Tires

    Hi all. New here (yes, I posted in the "I'm new here" thread) and looking for info on tires for a TT500 that my son and I are restoring. I believe they were "trials" tires, and am trying to figure a suitable replacement. I have to believe there is something out there other than the $70/piece...
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    New here form MN. TT500 resto

    Hi all. Hi all. Had a '69 TT500 back in 1982 when I lived in NJ. It went into storage under a pool cabana and was forgotten. The property is still owned by family, but I was told the bike had long since been disposed of. On a vacation out there last year, I looked under the cabana and lo and...