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    Huffy Hustler find

    Just picked up this 1970 huffy.
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    Thunderbird Original ?

    Just picked this up today, I guess it’s a bird not sure of year, I’m guessing 1979 based on serial # on tec?It looks to be original paint. I can’t find a brochure or much on them. If someone has a brochure or any info that would be great. I still can’t take pics Lol. Sry
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    CCS Charger pics and questions

    Snagged this so so survivor today off craigslist.i didn't know what it was other than old ( because I am) and got answered in " what is it thread" in minutes. Not sure but the Tec engine tag is telling me that it's 1971 ?? Can anyone tell me what the 12 S stamp on the frame means? I had zero...
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    What is this one ?

    can anyone ID this one? Thanks, Mike
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    Rupp and unknown

    Anyone know what model Rupp this is? the front wheel was like a 3 star aluminum.. Has the seat base laying next to it.. Shoulda got better pics. Ser# 24927 Also this one has a bolt together weird frame.. Guy says maybe from England ?? I don't have a clue
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    Golden pinto ?.

    Just picked this up. Decal looks original. Hunt Wilde peg covers. Scrub brake is good. Grips :chinese: No mfg. tag, but has an L stamped in left side engine plate. It looks like original gold on the bottom then rattle canned blue, then gold again. The shocks say made in Italy . I guess I need...
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    Scored a MTD ! Almost

    The story goes like this. My 79 year old mother works at a thrift store auction house( she's a junker also). So she calls me yesterday and says; She . " hey there is a mini bike in the auction truck that just pulled in" Me. " what's it look like? " She. " rusty" Me ." Does it have an...
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    There is a mini bike in that pile!

    We'll since I have been on this mini binge, every where I go I'm lookin. That's a mini, there's a mini, I can make a mini out of that. Last weekend I was at a great charity trap and skeet shoot and what do I see? Not a cool old wooden duck boat, but a mini bike engine.. Briggs I/C. 3 hp. The...
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    Rebuild question briggs 2 hp

    My first briggs rebuild for my little cat. Model 61102. 2 hp . I had it bored .010 , new piston and rings. Ring gap.011 . Piston to wall .003. This thing is tight! I need a wrench to turn it. Is this normal or am I missing something?
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    Cat 250x parts wtb

    I need a clutch/ chain guard and a kickstand. Direction to repop is good also. Thanks
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    Cat 250 project

    I got the cat apart and blasted . There were 8 extra holes in the engine plate,Along with wallowed out bolt slots and 7 cracks. I welded it up with my limited ability and 110 volt flux core "splatter box", 4" grinder and a driml. I lopped of the hi way pegs and will spend another afternoon...
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    Couldn't resist!! What is it?

    I went to get some gaskets and came home with this.. Any ideas??
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    CAT 250 Resto project help

    Hi , thanks for the welcome in the intro forum. Here is my first mini project. I was told it was a cat 250. The foot peg does not look original , but I don't know much other than what I learned here in the last few days. The head has a stamp of 8 d , but the decals look old and say 2 hp. I would...
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    New old guy in Tennessee

    Uncle mike here in Nashville. My first mini bike in 30 years, I just got a old one and will post photos so the guys can help me ID it. Great site! Thanks